so i’ve been wearing my lace shorts non stop totally obsessed with them. i got them at the melrose flea market a few sundays ago by an la brand called purr. i even wore them out this weekend while it was raining. the weather in LA has been so strange. saturday it was warm and sunny, sunday it was freezing and rainy and today its warm and sunny again. what is going on??? i’m also obsessed with this bag that me and my best friend got in italy over the summer. it’s by massimo dutti. i can’t believe i havent posted any pictures of it yet. so here’s a two in one. i’ve also decided that in the second picture down that is my signature pose. i get awkward in front of the camera and that’s the only thing i can think of to do is look down and hold my hair out. haha :)
(lace shorts by purr, shoes steve madden, top urban outfitters, bracelet tylie malibu, bag massimo dutti)

below: thank you to all the readers who sent me their lace shorts pictures for my first “i want you on my blog” post. below are some that i chose to put on my blog. stay tuned to find out what to send me this week ;)
stay tuned later today i’ll post about this weeks trend so everyone can start sending me their pics to get featured on my blog this week!

love you all!
January 31, 2011


so i’ve been wearing my lace shorts non stop totally obsessed with them. i got them at the […]
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