50 Shades of Grey

(blazer Helmut Lang, shirt Chaser, jeans Helmut Lang, boots All Saints (similar here), bag Alexander Wang, watch Michael Kors, sunnies Ray Ban, sweater Helmut Lang)

I went to New York this week for literally one day to do a shoot with Guess (some behind the scenes pics from my iphone at the bottom). Was a lot of flying but definitely worth it. This was my travel outfit waiting for my car to go to the airport. Keeping it all grey. Although it was quite warm in LA and even warmer in NY, I hate hate hate being cold on airplanes- its the worse. So I had to layer up. It’s actually a pretty typical daily outfit for me- really simple and basic.


  1. Lola says:

    Perfect travel outfit! Can’t wait to see the Guess shoot!

  2. Saule says:

    Oh brilliant!! Cant wait to see the shoot!! xxx


  3. Giulia says:

    You look so cool and gorgeous!! I really love your boots and the bag!


  4. Debora D says:

    Love this travel outfit…you look always beautiful!!


  5. Great look and pictures!!!

  6. monkeyshines says:

    simple chic!


  7. Eva Wu says:

    you look great!

  8. Natali says:

    Such a gorgeous bag and blazer! You look awesome :)


  9. Amazine Support says:

    you look fab!! love the outfit and the theme!! You should do a collage of your photo’s on my website http://www.amazine.com! I’m sure our subscribers would love to see your work! here is one of the collages I did recently http://www.amazine.com/story/412076

    much love

  10. You look amazing babe! Love this post


  11. Andrea says:

    Gorgeous! Love this all-grey outfit!!
    xo Andrea

  12. Diva In Me says:

    I can understand what you mean by being cold on airplanes. You look great with the shades of grey =)


  13. RunwayChef says:

    Love that Alexander Wang bag!

  14. Eva Kraaijeveld says:

    This outfit is perfect in every single way. Needless to say I love it!


  15. paulynagore says:

    I’m so in love with this outfit ! So chic <3

  16. wendy says:

    how exciting – can’t wait to see the results!

    ♥ ThankFifi

  17. Aria says:

    This is totally my kind of every day outfit. I love the different shades and textures of grey.


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  18. Honorata says:

    Cool outfit

  19. kristyna tlusta says:

    beautiful outfit, love it


  20. LolitaintheMix says:

    Great grey look!!!


  21. Josie says:

    I love your outfit !

  22. I love your boots ! You look so great in this outfit ( as always anyway )
    all the best, Katerina

  23. Dessislava says:

    Such a
    lovely post! You look great.


  24. Joanne Christina says:

    Wow a shoot with Guess, thats amazing. Love the shades of grey.


  25. Elisabetta says:

    amazing look! so inspiring girl!



  26. Jennifer D. says:

    I hate the grey weather in Belgium all the time but grey outfits: yes please! :) Really beautiful!

    The White Studio

  27. Lindy says:

    Your hair is so beautiful:)

  28. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you so much Lindy! Thats sweet of you :)

  29. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Haha! :)

  30. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you Elisabetta !

  31. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Katerina, thank you so much. It means alot to me :)

  32. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Yay. Great minds think alike “:) XO

  33. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Eva, thank you so much! Thats so nice of you! lots of love xox

  34. peaceloveSHEA says:

    haha yes its the worst!! thanks love

  35. peaceloveSHEA says:

    I will definitely check it out! thanks!!

  36. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you so much Natali!! XOXO

  37. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Giulia, thank you so much for your sweet words. Really means a lot :)

  38. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Hi love, thank you for your always sweet and lovely comments. :) Always a pleasure to read

  39. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much Debora!! XO

  40. Lola Reggy says:

    It’s a nice outfit though ;) . I hear you, I dislike to be cold on airplanes also, that airco is always driving me nuts and drying out my skin and eyes..


  41. Gabriela says:

    Grey on grey on black – the perfect combination, if you ask me. One of my fave looks of yours.


  42. great outfit ! this grey – black combo looks perfect on you ! XX luba

  43. Bri says:

    This look is cool and effortless. So, I love…especially the watch, bag, and blazer. Plus, I really like the reference to Fifty Shades of Grey. :)


  44. Allison Finnie says:

    Yeah I checked out the site ! What a great, fun idea to share your photo’s and ideas :)

  45. Raindrops of Sapphire says:

    Love this outfit! I know the title is inspired by the book, ha ha!


  46. The Style Engineer says:

    I adore the grey sweater!

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