Why Boxing is Amazing for Women

vimmia1160ncweb I’ve recently started boxing and have quickly become addicted. I’m the type of person that needs to be entertained (and yelled at). If you think I’m going on a self-disciplined 5 mile run through nature without being bored after 2 seconds- you don’t know me. I joined a great boxing gym in West Hollywood, Prevail Los Angeles. (If you’re in the area you have to try it). I’d like to call it a boxing boot camp. There’s no scary rink or MMA fighters with “kill” tattooed across their knuckles. In fact if you go to the beginners class it’s mainly young women. The rest of the country (LA included) has been a little behind of the idea of boxing for women. With exception to New York City who is majorly on board with the boxing regimin- nearly every supermodel (yep I’m talking angelcandices!) boxes. Because it’s a fantastic workout. You kill major calories without all the stress on your joints from running miles and miles. You’re not lifting weights or gaining bulky muscles. You’re getting stronger of course, but lean. And most important (to me) it’s fun and everyone goes at their own pace, but they push you. What you wear when you work out is so important to how you feel. Not only is comfort and flexibility important, but style just as equal. You can bet that the chances of me making it to the gym are slim to none if all I have are a bunch of dirty old XXL tee’s my mom saved from 7th grade field trips “I love the San Diego Zoo” and gym shorts from cheerleading practice in 2004 with the elastic crumbling apart. (Such a description makes you wonder if I really have those things right?) No comment. When I feel cute in a new workout outfit (shout out Vimmia!) it motivates me even more. It’s kind of a circle- when you look good you feel better about yourself and want to work harder, and when you work harder you look better. So on and so forth. And of course there’s the money factor. When I invest in some good workout pieces it’s also a trick on my brain. “You bought these now you have to use them!” Another great motivation factor for me. I’m wearing some fav workout pieces of mine above, love Vimmia’s 4-way stretch fabric and dry-fast technology (and made in LA- ya represent!) so check them out at the links and invest in a good workout ‘fit that’s gonna help motivate you! P.S. If you guys are in LA area check out Prevail, you get a first class free and special membership discount tell them I sent you :)
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Why Boxing is Amazing for Women


  1. carol says:

    must be amazing !! want to try it for a long long time by now


  2. yp says:

    It is a great workout, I boxed during ages 17/18 as a supplement to my track running for high school and it was really challeneging and awesome. I still remember all of the combinations and drills, but sadly lost all my jumprope and speedbag skills lol. I worked out in an all-male NYC parks dept gym, but since this is now popular I am sure a lady would feel comfortable as more and more paid membership gyms offer this and have new/clean facilities.
    go ladies go!

  3. Amazing sporty outfit! I love boxing too!

  4. Charlotte says:

    You are such a beaut! I agree good workout gear is so important x


  5. Shelby says:

    Shea, you are always stunning so an opportunity to look like you will be taken! I knew about models getting into boxing, but I thought it was a fad and not very affective (not to mention my insecurity about my scrawny little arms!). Although you do make a good point about it looking like fun, so I’ll have to give it a go, and maybe get some new workout gear while were at it!

  6. Daniella says:


  7. Melissa says:

    Great post, loved that you included some cute workout clothing!
    loved working out with you this morning!

    Come check out my fashion blog at http://www.MapOfMarsella.com

  8. Liz says:

    great post!!

    gonna have to try it!


  9. Tany says:

    Boxing is a great workout! I started taking kickboxing classes a month ago and got addicted too. It’s very effective but fun workout :)
    Love color of you capris!

  10. I love a great workout!!
    Xo, Belen

  11. Kelli says:

    I totally agree! Wearing cute workout clothes is a must. lol. Love yours! I’m so glad you posted this! I have been wanting to box for a long time. =)


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