or well maybe not so hidden here. but i love bright colored lace bras that peak out of your clothes. especially for me because i alwayssss wear neutral and earthy colors. I think its super cute and sexy. Now these cant be your padded push up faded stripper bras now girls haha. they have to be that super thin lace and that brand new looking bright color. the pictures below of bambi are so cute! love.

pics via knightcat

December 11, 2010
December 15, 2010



  1. Great. i wouldn't mind owning that bra

  2. wow bambi looks super pretty here. i wish i'd look like that when i go hiking ;)


  3. this article was great.

  4. Zawsze wierzyłam, że spełnią się moje pragnienia! I oto proszę – czytam sobie fantastyczny artykuł! Stało się!

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