(top Zara, skirt Zara, shoes Topshop (similar to Chloe), bag Prada, sunnies Prada)

While on my trip in Italy I was very lucky to be able to visit Venice for a day. It has the be the most unbelievable place I’ve ever seen. For those who haven’t been- it’s literally a city solely on water- everything from the taxis, the police and the ambulance are all on boats. Compared to Los Angeles, it’s very unreal. I felt like I was in a movie and that a place like this couldn’t exist.

I have so many photos from the day, not only in Venice but also visiting two islands Murano and Burano- which I’ll share those photos tomorrow. Although I very much like my all black leather look, I have to say I wasn’t too concerned with taking outfit photos… but I really hope you enjoy the photos of the city and the culture. If you are planning a trip in Italy I think it’s a must see.

Make sure to check tomorrow because even more surreal than Venice are the photos of the islands!

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  1. Natalie says:

    love those shoes and all the photos of venice! so fab! http://www.fashionifancy.com

  2. Dara says:

    How beautiful! Venice is truly amazing! Love your outfit!

  3. rhodawong says:

    love the leather detailing!


  4. Meggan says:

    Cant wait to see the rest of the pictures. Venice is my dream city, I want to visit so bad! You look great as always, love that skirt!


  5. Pauline T says:

    I love Venezia, I had such a great time there :) Love your venezian mask ;)

  6. Amazing skirt! it looks beautiful in venezia !


  7. Izz says:

    Wow! Venice look so beautiful…
    I want to go there too.

    Your outfit looks amazing. I love the skirt.




  8. Shamelessly Overdressed says:

    You look chic in all black! Love that skirt in particular.

    Love, S

  9. Natali says:

    Beautiful boots and skirt! Great photos :)


  10. Christina says:

    magical photos!!!!!

  11. Sara@LuxeVida says:

    Beautiful photos, and loving all your “European” looks! Venice is still on my travel wish list, and these pictures make me want to go even more! x Sara@LuxeVida

  12. lovely photos!! =)

    xoxo, Ivana


  13. Marissa Joy says:

    Great look- love the skirt and boots!


  14. Diva In Me says:

    I’ve not been to Venice yet I’ve heard so much about it. Nice pictures and thanks for sharing =)


  15. Eva says:

    Gorgeous photos and you looked lovely! Awesome skirt!


  16. Heather Barnes says:

    I love how the water washes up on the brick like that…beyond cool!!

  17. Oksana says:

    Amazing pictures! You look stunning!

  18. Andrea says:

    Fabulous pics!! I love these venetian masks. They are beautiful!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  19. Beautiful photos and love your outfit.

  20. elena.blu.6 says:

    lovely phots and beautiful city…


  21. Jennifer says:

    Nice photos!
    love your outfit.
    the first photo is gorgeous!

  22. thankfifi says:

    the skirt is amazing – is it real leather?

    ♥ ThankFifi

  23. Liv says:

    So in love with the 4th picture :)
    So in love with the outfit :)

  24. RCagz says:

    Venice is so stunning! I went when I was very young, wish I could go back again! xoxo

  25. splendidjanie says:

    looks very gorgeous! and loving the leather~Pls check out my blog? http://splendidjanie.blogspot.com/ thanks!Xo

  26. Evi says:

    Gorgeous place! In love with it! You look so pretty and stylish!

    Evi xoxo

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  27. Novella - 9lla.it says:

    Love your style and love the pics, too :)

    fashion – trends – DIYs

  28. estelle_loyer says:

    I’ll be in Venice next week! This pictures make me even more excited!! :D

  29. JulesFashionWeek says:

    I love Venice!! You look beautiful with your black look ;)

  30. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much Jules! X

  31. peaceloveSHEA says:

    OH have an amazing time! Make sure to visit Burano, its an island. amazing!!

  32. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Its not real leather I dont think…. It was from Zara like 130 dollars so I dont think so hehe

  33. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Its because it rained the day befotre so the water levels were really high so it was all flooded. kind of cool!!

  34. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thanks so much love!! xo

  35. peaceloveSHEA says:

    it was my first time and unbelievable!! definitely better than the hype :)

  36. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you so much babe! xoxo lots of love

  37. Anna Turabelidze says:

    I can’t believe I have not been to this magical city yet.

    thank you for inspiring me to go.


  38. Alina says:

    Soooooo stylish!!:) perfect<3

  39. Lisa Price says:

    i love your outfit in this. your leather is so fab. lets collaborate darling. xo.

  40. Isabella says:

    I’m studying architetture here in Venezia. Believe me, be part of this amazing city everyday is speechless! So bad you’ve been here for only a day! I hope you’ll have the possibility to return!!:)

    You’re stunning as always:)

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