Thank you so much for interest in advertising on my site or becoming a sponsor.
First off… I don’t do affiliate advertising (which is why my site isn’t overrun with sidebar ads.) and beyond that I’m extremely picky.

If you are interested in being a paid sponsor/advertisement read on :)
Lets talk a little about me first:
– Cheyenne Meets Chanel was started a little over a year ago so still in the early growing stages!
My stats:
-Daily Site Traffic: 25,000 visits a day
-Monthly PageViews: 600,000
-Monthly Unique Visitors: 80,000+
-Geographic Location: Hollywood, CA
-A lot of my followers are the young Hollywood trendsetting social crowd. It’s also kind of my group of friends. Definitely good people to advertise to!)
-Price: Please contact me at

Up until now I have been holding off on advertisements on my site. Looking into possibly allowing several ads which fit the feel of my blog as well. Please email me for more info.

Shea Marie

November 1, 2010
November 2, 2010



  1. Hi Shea!! How are you girl?! It looks like you are doing great!! Crazy to believe that we were all at Pounders (what seems like yesterday) a couple years ago and look at you now!! I am super stoked for you!! That is so great!!
    I also have a blog… (a little mommy blog) nothing big. I really admire your page and what you have done with it! I was wondering if you have any tips for me??? My blog is new and just rolling… But I would love to hear for you blog tips or no blog tips! :)
    I hope you are doing as good as you look!! Take care and congrats on your success!!

    XO Tamara
    email me @

  2. Galina says:

    Hi Shea…lovely site!! I am interested in adverting/sponsor info on your site…I make some awesome heels :-) …can you check me out on and visit my store on search there for "spikesbyg" Thanks and have a great day !!!

  3. I agree with you completely.

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