i pulled these photos from january editions of both italian vogue and italian marie claire. when the best fashion magazines in the world from the fashion capital of the world, look like they could have been styled from your wardrobe i guess its safe to say you might be doing something right. the funny thing is i’m not even trying to do anything right… sometimes i actually wonder, am i really even fashionable? whos to say? am i just really so far behind that trends are actually relapping me and it just makes me look like i’m ahead? haha so many questions. :) its all a big circle i think. either way i feel beyond honored when people are interested in my fashion advice and what i’m wearing inspires other people around the world. and i am so very thankful for all of your comments. xoxo
the bottom picture is a photo of me working in the office last week. i’m wearing a mixture of all things i’ve worn lots before… but i just keep switching it up and it looks kinda new :) my free people skinny flares, sam edelman zoe shoes from forever ago, my favorite jessica simpson hat and curve sheer dress i’ve been wearing for the past year and veda leather jacket.
photos: Auguste Abeliunaite in Marie Clarie Italia Jan 2011, Keira Knightley in Vogue Italia Jan 2011

January 5, 2011
January 8, 2011


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