today’s around-the-world blogger spotlight: chiara ferragni from The Blonde Salad Located in Milan, Chiara is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. First off let me say, I love Italy. It’s probably my favorite place in the world (that I’ve been to.) And the people are amazing! So all italians reading this… I LOVE YOU!!! That only adds to the greatness of this blog for me. Not only are her outfits amazing, she really takes risks and pushes the limits, which i love, but she’s so personable and fun. so many blogs just post pictures (which is also great) but i love a little personality. she’s silly, and funny and relatable which is why i think so many people love her blog. she’ll continue to be one of my favorites!
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  1. Sophie says:

    Everyone loves Chiara :-) she's very good at what she does!

  2. Emily says:

    She's awesome!!! Can't guess why people don't like her!!!

  3. lola says:

    She's beautiful and has great style! I love Italy too…

  4. STEFFASHION says:

    I love both of your blogs!!

    Please follow me!!

  5. Hanna says:

    she's amazing! Love both your blogs :D

  6. i agree, chiaras blog is very entertaining. sometimes I really love her outfit, sometimes it`s too much for me. but I like that. And I like the fact, that she is a nice, funny and `silly` person. :)

  7. Chiara says:

    Thanks so much darling, you know how much I also love your style and blog, true inspiration!

  8. Elle says:

    She's one of my favorites too! Love her hair, always perfect even when messy! And I love how she post SO many photos in her posts, like a photo story. Like of her hotel rooms and food and stuff :)
    xo, love, live & wear

  9. vivi says:

    thank u for loving me for being italian! :P
    i agree with u, chiara's so fashionable and stylish.. i admire her as well!

  10. Lily says:

    I love her blog! She always looks amazing.


  11. michelle_ says:

    i love the blonde salad too !
    i love the fact that she has those "risky" pieces, but she makes it look wearable !
    chiara motivates me to take risks as well :)

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