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It may not be strawberry season everywhere, but since it will be soon, I wanted to share this delicious, low fat dessert with you now. I love strawberries, especially when you find them fresh and tasty from a strawberry stand.
I decided to make parfaits for my Sunday Food Post, but with a lot less fat than you would think. I used greek yogurt instead of whipped cream or pudding, and angel food cake in place of pound cake or shortbread. Angel food cake (sponge cake) is made with egg whites, has virtually no fat and a lot less calories. It is something like 72 calories per slice. This delicious dessert is actually very easy to make too and it looks so pretty!! A perfect spring treat!


What you will need:

3 baskets of strawberries
1 32oz. greek yogurt
1 angel food cake
agave nectar or honey
1/2 lemon or lemon juice
vanilla extract
1-2 T powered sugar



Rinse strawberries and slice. (Save a few whole berries to top with) Place in a bowl and squeeze on a little lemon juice and agave nectar. I didn’t need much agave since these strawberries were very sweet, so sweeten to your taste. Set aside while you get everything else ready. You can make them ahead and put in the fridge. They get more flavorful the longer they sit.


I found these perfect little cakes at the market. There were six in the package. You can also find angel food cake sliced or whole..


Mix yogurt with agave nectar or honey and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. I used about 3/4 of the container of yogurt. I didn’t want it to get too runny so I also mixed in 1-2 T of powdered sugar. (sift it as you sprinkle it in so it will be smooth) Adjust this to your taste. If you want it more tart, use less sweetener.


Slice the cake and you’re ready to put it all together.


This is the fun part. You can layer however you like. I put some cake at the bottom, then a layer of strawberries, then the yogurt. Keep alternating layers till until you have it how you want it.


The glasses that I used were pretty large (16oz goblets). I only had 4 glasses so I had some strawberries, cake and yogurt topping left over. I could have made 5-6 parfaits easily. You could use any type of glasses you want. The smaller the glasses, the more parfaits you will have. I used my last little cake on a plate with strawberries and some yogurt on top. This would be very easy if you are short on time. Also you could make a trifle if you are taking it to a party. . Just layer all the ingredients in a glass bowl. So easy! Hope you enjoy this. It’s definitely a guilt free dessert.

If you try to let me know how it goes and if you love it as much as I do!


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