Shea Marie


I know I’ve been a little absent from updating my site but it’s because I’ve been working on a major project, the biggest project of my career so far and I’ve barely had a free second. Last week we went to Maui to shoot the campaign for the project. What a beautiful place!! We stayed at the Andaz Hotel in Wailea which was stunning, rented a bright red Jeep wrangler and drove around the whole island.
For anyone looking to visit Maui and go on an adventure this is what I’d recommend: Drive the road to Hana to the black sand beach. It’s a good 3 1/2 drive so leave really early like 7am and plan for a long day! Stop in Paia, which is a beautiful little Hawaiian town, and eat at Mommas Fish House. Once you get out to Hana there’s all kinds of Taco and smoothie stands which are amazing! The drive was long and tiring but definitely worth it, the black sand beach is truly one of a kind. I can’t wait to show you what we were doing there.
You can maybe get a little sneak peek in the last photo of this post and more if you follow @SAMESWIM on instagram ;) That’s all I’m saying for now!