Shea Marie

(blazer H&M;, top LF stores, shoes Chloe Sevingy x Opening Ceremony, hat F21, bag Moni Moni)

As of now I want my closet to be wiped out and filled only with things that are shades of burgundy. (Okay and metallics). I’ve been talking about these fall trends for what seems like a year now and although I’m extremely sad summer is over, thank god for fashion because there’s nothing better to me than dressing for fall. So I guess this time of year is just bittersweet for me. I’m also loving big hats for fall (but when am I not). I’m not sure what category of hat this one quite falls into… I’m sure there’s a name for it? My friends said it’s looking slightly Amish lol, so maybe it’s got a Man Repeller tendency, but I love it all the same. Are we getting sick of my purse yet? I’m not at all. In fact I can’t even find another one that I want because I like this one so much. How low maintenance am i??
On another note tonight are the Emmy Awards and I’m going to a really fun event so I’ll try to take some photos to share :)
Thank you all so much for reading and sharing! My blog is coming up on its year anniversary in a few months and I never would have imagined a year ago that I’d be getting over 10,000 views a day. It’s really unbelievable and I owe it all to you so thank you. XO
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(blazer H&M;, top LF stores, shoes Chloe Sevingy x Opening Ceremony, hat F21, bag Moni Moni) As of […]
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