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(bathing suit h&m;, dress target, hat aldo, bag Lf stores, flip flops havainas)

These are a bunch of photos from my first few days in the bahamas. The true beauty is impossible to capture in pictures but i’ve done my best. I spent the first two days without luggage because the airline lost it. Can you imagine how bummed I was??? All my new bathing suits!! So I really only have one outfit, and variations of it to show you. But I wasn’t going to let anything ruin my fun. And I finally got my bag yesterday so yay we are back in action.
We spent the first few days on Harbour Island with a huge group of my good friends from Miami. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’m never as happy as when I’m there. Everyone is on island time.. which means no time. No one is ever in a rush. As my local island friend Peter would say “it is what it is.”
A day consists of waking up on the ocean, taking golf carts through the town to get lunch, boating to deserted islands, laying in the sand, having dinner and a private improv kareoke concert on top deck of the boat (we have a professional singer and guitar player in the group), and ending the night dancing underneath the stars at a little shack bar.
Right now I had some time to upload photos because we are on the boat headed to another island Nassau and it’s about a two hour boat ride. I’ve never been to Nassau before, it’s bigger and more commercialized, but I hear I can swim with the dolphins so I’m extremely excited for that.
I’m really behind in the blogging/fashion world. If there’s anything important I should know that’s been happening guys please let me know!!! In a comment or email. Lol. xoxo

July 15, 2011

(bathing suit h&m;, dress target, hat aldo, bag Lf stores, flip flops havainas) These are a bunch of […]
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