Shea Marie

flare2webRA Grani

Some of my favorite trends of spring 2015 are flared jeans and flatforms- reminds me of the early 2000s, except the high fashion version of what I liked as a young pre-teen. I held onto my flares until a good 2008 when at some point it was deemed just straight unacceptable to wear anything but skinny jeans. Cut to 7 years later and they’re back!
I’m really loving these high waisted pair from Stella Mccartney- the shape, cut, details and singular pleat are just so flattering on the body and make your legs look giraffe long. So many ways you can wear them, but here I paired them with a bright crop top for a fun 70s bombshell vibe.
Also wearing my favorite shoes of the moment- Chloe flatforms from the SS2015 collection. Can’t complain about comfortable shoes that still give you a good 3 inches.

Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite flared denim from around the web. Which are you favorites?