Shea Marie

so it’s been raining non stop the last two days in LA and really not helping me get in the mood of packing for miami. i braved the storms yesterday and went to the mall, which usually i try to avoid because I prefer to shop at boutiques and vintage stores. But i had no choice i had to go to sephora so off to the chaotic beverly center (the main shopping mall in west hollywood). I had nothing else to do besides walk in, um, every store. and to my surprise i ended up with a few perfect treasures for my trip. :) my favorite things are these silly colorful anklets i bought for the beach. no one seems to wear anklets anymore. but i do! i think they are sexy, especially like a little silver or gold chain with heels. i also found these fringe sandals from american eagle. they are so perfect for me.
definitely covering some summer trends and necessities: lots of crochet, floral dresses, colorful stones, blush tones, chiffon, fringe.
(floral dress from nordstrom, faux suede jacket and crochet shorts from h&m;, bathing suit from victoria secret, turquoise necklace from spell designs, bracelet from luckyflirts, suede tube top and chiffon blush dress from LFstores)

i’ll be posting the winner of my giveaway at the end of the day today (my time) on my facebook and twitter so if you haven’t entered theres still time here

March 21, 2011


so it’s been raining non stop the last two days in LA and really not helping me get […]
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