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i get more emails about my hair than anything else. people asking me what’s my trick, how i get the “perfect loose curls” “wavy-straight” “beach wavy” “perfect sun lightened color” look. so i thought i’d do a little post explaining what works for me and my hair tricks and products. it may get a little long so if you aren’t interested no need to read this whole post :)

my number one advice though… if you are cheap with your hair you’re going to get what you pay for. if you can’t afford a good hair dresser/colorist then keep your hair natural. natural is beautiful.
washing: for shampoo and conditioner i use kerastase, bain satin shampoo and masquintense conditioner. i have several little tricks that i do to try and keep my hair as healthy as it can be while washing because I do bleach and lighten my hair which does terrible damage. first off i never wash my hair everyday. that only dries it out more. second, before i wash my hair i soak the ends in a morrocan oil conditioner while they are still dry. that way when i am shampooing my hair the conditioner has already coated the ends so the shampoo wont dry out the ends more. because you really only need to be shampooing your scalp.
color: if you are getting your hair done NEVER do it yourself. if you are looking to get the natural look that fades to blonde at the ends, the “ombre” look. there is a technique for it. don’t try and do it yourself, it won’t work. it’s called balayage. find a hairdresser that is known for it. be sure to stress the words “natural”, “sun-kissed”, and “no streaks” for those in the southern california area i go to johnnie at ahsi salon in newport beach. he’s phenomenal!!
style: before drying my hair i use several products, a little bit of moroccan oil, a couple sprays of enjoy’s leave in conditioner, and maybe even a dime size amount of brazilian blowouts hair serum. after drying (whether i air dry or blowdry depends on how much time i have to get ready) i put in a little bit of biosilk hair serum. i usually part blow dry and part air dry my hair. i tuck the front behind my ears while it’s drying so i get that natural wave right around my face. then once its dry starting from the bottom up i take small one inch pieces and quickly use fingers to twirl it around a 1 inch curling iron. you don’t need to use the clasp.. for more messy looking waves just twist your hair around and hold for a few seconds. granted my hair curls pretty well i never use hair spray because i like it best after it starts falling out. to make it piecey and beachy though i spray blow’s beach blow through it and shake it around.
if anyone tries it let me know how it works :)

i also am a big fan of the brazilian blowout treatment. i know there is controversy surrounding the ingredients but if you are getting the actual real “brazilian blowout” product i guarantee you it works wonders. go to a good professional salon and make sure they are using the real product. if you are not paying more than 200 dollars for it, than you probably aren’t getting the real thing.
for my hair inspiration i look to gisele and the victoria’s secret catalogue for the wavy, beachy, sunkissed, wind blown, california girl look.

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i get more emails about my hair than anything else. people asking me what’s my trick, how i […]
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