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it has been raining non stop in LA for 5 days now. streets are flooded, i have no hooded clothing and am running out of warm things to wear. i have christmas shopping to finish, lots of work, planning for new years, and all kinds of things to get done. aka shopping for a new years eve dress now that i have finally made some definite plans. going to vegas to the private jay z and coldplay concert so that should be fun. but the rain is really making me move slow and making it such a task to get things done. below are some pictures for thought/ current inspiration. it’s a little chaotic and all over the place but that’s my brain right now :)

the view driving to downtown LA, not as bright and sunny as normal… some things never change though, like the traffic.

its not a secret that i am completely obsessed with white lace. so i immediately loved these two pictures when I saw them. i’m pretty sure my summer wardrobe is going to consist mainly of white lace and lots of accesories so its good to get ideas. :) magdalanea frackwiak for muse winter 2010
in addition to white lace i am really liking white trouser/flare pants. especially after seeing these pictures of elisa sedanoui in vogue china 2011 i am definitely going to get me a pair. not my normal boho chic look but its always nice to have some diversity incase i do need to dress a little more professional.
i saved this picture because i really like fun arm/wrist/hand cuffs right now. the lace is really cute, i bought a pair of feather ones the other day but havent worn them yet. will post pictures when i do. super fun though you can wear them with a plain t shirt and it completely spices up your outfit and makes it funky and trendy. cece yoost for no. magazine.
this is another photo from chanel’s pre-fall paris byzance show. i LOVE this dress, and with the gold shorts underneath. so cute. i want this.
i love the twist on this sheer maxi dress. how it looks separated/ripped in the front then long and flowy in the back. i wear my black sheer one all the time ever since i got it back in like june and after like 6 months now its time i probably get a new one. esteban cortez for exito.

i love these hand harnesses/jewelry in these pictures. and the gold dress.
i rarely post pictures of what celebrities are wearing on my blog, because that isn’t where i usually get my fashion inspiration. but i love love love this dress that angelina jolie wore to the premiere of the tourist in madrid. it’s atelier versace with a swarovski crystal encrusted top and a velvet skirt. wow its just completely amazing. what a great pic. 10 thumbs up to her stylist.and finally a picture of my new lace bell bottom pants that i love. i especially love them because i got them for 20 dollars at a vintage store. you really just cant beat that. also peeking out of the bottom of the picture i’m wearing a vintage beaded top with pointy shoulder pads a la balmain style but you can’t see it. :(
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it has been raining non stop in LA for 5 days now. streets are flooded, i have no […]
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