Shea Marie

I’m Shea Marie, 25 years old and I live in West Hollywood, CA. My life is crazy, busy and a little bit all over the place. From writing to designing to styling, one thing i know for sure is… I love fashion. I started my blog as a hobby to document my so-called fashion diaries and in just about a year and a half it has gone from 1 page view a day (just me) to 25,000 a day from over 150 different countries. Thank you all for all the support! xoxo

What is Cheyenne meets Chanel? Two alter-egos based on my life. Cheyenne embodying the small town country girl who girl up on a ranch and Chanel the fashionista who grew up in a big city. My blog is following my transition from living in a small country town to a huge city- Hollywood. So the idea is sort of based loosely on my life. A collision of styles you could say.

FAQ: Coming soon!
The images on Cheyenne Meets Chanel are taken by either my mom or my best friend, and fashionista partner in crime Krissy. Krissy, who loves photography as a hobby, is currently studying fashion and is a huge creative input for my blog :)