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A snowstorm, even one dubbed to be the “greatest snowstorm in the history of NYC”, is no reason to hide in bed in sweatpants all day. Oh storm Juno we all know how that turned out- but hey it’s better to be safe than sorry. I spent last week in New York for work and of course my luck the city was literally shut down (um what NYC never sleeps!). A few inches of snow and 100s of cancelled meetings later everything was back to normal.
I stayed at the beautiful Sixty SOHO Hotel (it used to be the Thompson and was recently remodeled and looks amaaazing). The best location as well, right in the heart of Soho and next to my favorite restaurant (Chalk Point Kitchen) and my favorite coffee shop (Ground Support).
Bunkered down in the hotel = lots of breakfasts in bed and drinks at the hotel bar. Can’t complain about that.
But when I did make it out and about the lack of cars on the street was eery but also amazing. I have to thank Elizabeth and James of saving me with this beautiful coat, and also Hunter Boots or else I don’t know what I would have done.
So here you have it, my perfect snowstorm look. Ripped jeans and all.