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qtipshea1web Q-tips1web I thought this was such a fun project! asked me how I use Q-tips and besides the obvious makeup removal when I started thinking about it I actually had a lot of make-up tricks and tips where I use them and didn’t even realize. So hears some of my favorites! 1) How to get the perfect wine stained lip: While wine-stained lips can be difficult to perfect, I’ve found a solution that really works. I don’t want it to look like lipstick, that’s the key. It should literally look stained, darkened, but where your natural lip and all its creases and imperfections shine through. My favorite color is Fast Ride by NARS which I would describe as a dark, sheer wine color. Putting it on straight from the stick can look a bit too harsh so I take a little on a Q-tip and apply it thinly over my lips. It’s really the perfect wine-stained look and my go-to for nights. qtipshea4webnew qtipshea2web 2) For my second (and favorite tip): Applying little gold and silver face tattoos for music festivals! It’s no secret that I’m a festival lover. Going on eight straight years at Coachella, three at Lollapalooza and dozens of smaller festivals around the world. I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get the perfect festival look. One of my favorite ways to make my look fun and flirty is by using temporary tattoos around my eyes. It can be a little tricky putting a temporary tattoo on your face because you obviously have to do it after you put your makeup on, but then how are you supposed to get your face wet with a washcloth to make the tattoo stick without rubbing off your makeup and making an absolute mess?! Seeing that the size of the tattoo will be quite smaller than even a penny, you don’t need a lot of water to make it stick. What I do is wet both ends of the Q-tip with hot water and then press down on all areas of the little tattoo for about 10 seconds each. Easy-peasy and no stress about ruining your makeup. qtip4web 3) For travel germaphobes: After flying over 150,000 miles last year, I’d like to think I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve when it comes to what you need to bring on the plane to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible. I’m also sort of a germaphobe, which can cause problems. I use hand sanitizer compulsively and am completely skeptical of how well planes are really cleaned before the next group of passengers arrive. As far as my hypochondriac self is concerned, everything on the plane is harboring some kind of gross bacteria. Planes are also extremely dry and harsh, especially for the delicate skin on your face, so I come prepared with all kinds of moisturizing products, which I apply over and over throughout a long flight. I’m always hesitant about getting hand sanitizer on my face, so I had to get up each time before applying my moisturizer. I’m sure that wasn’t fun for the people sitting next to me, who had to scoot out several times during our flight. I’ve learned to always bring a little baggie of cotton swabs in my carry-on. That way, I can easily apply all of my eye creams and lip balms without having to get up 2,000 times to wash my hands. It’s better for me, and it’s definitely better for everyone around me.
August 18, 2014

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I thought this was such a fun project! asked me how I use Q-tips and besides the […]
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