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I live with my two best friends and we have an amazing house in the middle of West Hollywood that tends to be the point of interest for all parties, events, and social gatherings. We love themed events, dressing up and going all out. (I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen pics from my Disco Queen birthday party this year or our Southern Memorial Day party.) I always think about how amazing it would be to have a photobooth at our parties, but have looked into rentals and it seems to be so expensive and set up is a hassle. So for our upcoming Labor Day party next month, I have been looking into creating my own photobooth and have come up with an amazing solution- thus, here you have my very first DIY: “How to Make a Home Photobooth.”


What you will need:
Party door curtains
Embellishments (I chose gold stars)
(much worth the investment you can use it for all your regular printer needs as well)
Photo Plus Paper Glossy II
Any mobile/tablet device


Step 1 Find the biggest white wall in your home where it’s easy to move things out of the way to start with a clear backdrop. Then string through the door curtains and hang (or tape) them across the wall to create the base for your backdrop.

Decorate your backdrop! You can decorate depending on theme! I chose a very generic look to work for all parties.
Get some fun props! A photobooth wouldn’t be complete without silly props to go with it. Again, these can be themed or just go with the old trusties- boas, big sunglasses, crazy hats and masks.


Testing out some selfie style photos. This photobooth will work with selfies or you can have someone else shoot the photo if you want to use flash etc.


Got all my friends in! And Kat Moss (look at her smile hahaha)


Download the free PIXMA Cloud App on your mobile/tablet device and you select exactly what to print wirelessly.


The photos print out immediately. I also have been using the PIXMA Printing Solutions application and to print out all my recent travel photos and create a photo collage in my home office. The printer is really sleek and stylish and just blends right in with my mags and books. The app is really cool because it allows you to print from your phone directly to your printer from absolutely anywhere. So when I was just in Europe this past month I was printing photos out for my roommates from different places I was visiting instantly. Goodbye postcards! And you can also print pics directly from social platforms like Facebook and Twitter or storage sites like Dropbox or Picasa.

Written by me on behalf of Canon and Burst Media. The opinions and text are all my own.

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