Shea Marie

There’s just something about those Parisians, the way they glide through the streets with the utmost perfect style; all while looking like they didn’t lift a finger or stress a hair getting dressed. How is this possible? Where as I, in my small hotel room, have tried on dozens of wrinkled outfits, contemplated punching out the mirror (there must be something wrong with it!) and still haven’t come up with a look that’s satisfying. To give myself some credit I do spend half the year living out of a suitcase- just to make things more difficult! At every street corner turn there’s a street-style photographer, L’Officiel editor, and power PR woman watching your every move (and outfit choice). Or so at least it feels! If you weren’t nervous about going to Paris before- well sorry for this story. ;) After many long flights lugging way more clothing than I’d ever need across the world I’ve realized that sometimes, less is more. Of course there’s exceptions to every rule. But In America we do what I’d like to call “trend shopping.” We’d rather spend 20 dollars buying the affordable version of every new trend that comes along. In Paris, they “necessity shop”. They save up their money to buy a Balenciaga jacket, and Isabel Marant jeans that they will continue to wear all year long (and probably the next as well.) It’s not true Parisian if it doesn’t look a little worn in. So at the end of the day, a side by side look in our closets would show: The American closet- a huge walk-in closet pouring over with old “of the moment trends” that have far come and gone. Pieces we most likely only wore once and are never planning on touching again. “It only cost 20 dollars” we reason with ourselves. As we enviously look over at the Parisian woman’s closet- a mere thin rolling rack of 30 amazing items she’s collected over the years and continues to re-wear and seemingly always out style us. Sigh. What you need for the perfect Paris street style look. 1) The perfect simple tee- my favorite a distressed IRO tee. 2) Boots- flat or heeled. Flat if you are going to be walking a alot. I’d suggest a patent leather oxford with studs. Like my Valentino pair here. 3) Leather Jacket 4) Celine sunnies- a must 5) Air dried “didn’t try” hair 6) Ever so slightly oversized jeans. Not skin tight, not boyfriend jeans- just somewhere in between. That “I bought these last year and lost a few pounds since then but no big deal look” Shop a perfect Parisian street-style look below: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”96224″]
June 9, 2014

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There’s just something about those Parisians, the way they glide through the streets with the utmost perfect style; […]
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