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I’ve been talking about this for a while now and finally going to make it happen regularly- my weekly beauty posts. Every Monday will be the new makeover/ must have Monday’s where I will share one or more of my favorite products on my blog!
As much as I love fashion I love skin, hair and beauty products so it’s about time. I’ll also be sharing hair & make up tutorials and anything else you guys want to know about. Please leave me questions and suggestions in the comments!!

For today since Summer is right around the corner (and maybe even started already here in LA) I thought I would share some of my favorite summer products.

Left to Right:
1) Kerastase Huile Celeste Shimmering Protective Oil: This is actually a newer product that I found within the last couple of months and have been obsessed with ever since. It makes your hair shine and sparkle like no other oil or shine spray I’ve ever seen. It has minute golden flakes that deposit on your hair to give it a golden shimmery glow. I even spray a little bit on my skin for a perfect sparkling shine.
2) Fredic Fekkai Summer Hair Spray: This product is one of the best for creating beach messy waves. It’s a little sticky and pieces your hair apart like the kind of hair you’d imagine a Victoria’s Secret Angel having after getting out of the water in Bali. I mainly spray it on the ends and squeeze them up a little bit. The trick to create perfect beach hair is you don’t want the roots to look piecey, messy or frizzy- just the bottom half of your hair. There’s another very similar kind I use and love just as much- Beach Blow’s Texturizing Mist Wave Spray. It’s a toss up!
3) Kate Somerville Serum Sunscreen: I love putting moisturizer on my face, and then I use a tinted mosturizer inplace of foundation, so adding another cream on my face (sunscreen) just seems like too many layers of creams. So when I found this Serum based sunscreen it was the perfect product I needed to solve my problems. It kicks UV ass with an SPF 55 and is free of oils, parabens, and alcohol.
4) Kate Somerville Body Glow Sunscreen – a body sunscreen that smells great, has a shimmer and is super moisturizing (but not oily) is exactly the kind I need.
5) Kerastase Soleil Aqua Seal Highly Protective Fluid Cream– I love this for my beach and pool days. I use it before I go in the water and it keeps your hair smooth and protected. It’s like a water-proof cream for hair that helps protect it from chlorine, salt and UV rays.
6) Supergoop Sunscreen Lip Balm– our lips are something we tend to forget about during a day in the sun- until the next day when they are swollen, chapped and cracking. Ouch! I always keep this little lip balm with me in my bag to protect my lips during those unexpected sunny outings.

What are your favorite summer products?

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