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I’m obsessed with Korean beauty products. Why? Because it’s no secret that Koreans have the best skin, so I’ve been on a mission to find out what they are doing! After some research I came across AMOREPACIFIC-Korea’s No. 1 beauty corporation, and quite possibly the leaders behind the perfect complexion all over the world as it’s a favorite among celebrities as well. AMOREPACIFIC’s namesake line of luxury beauty products is all based around the power of botanicals and specifically green tea.

I’ve been drinking green tea for years. It’s well known the healing and health benefits of drinking a cup of green tea a day- so it only makes sense that it could be good for your skin as well.
What are the benefits of green tea for your skin? Well first off it’s not any green tea… it’s first sprouted green tea leaves which are the most potent. They are hand picked from the brands own green tea farm. First green tea leaves are the worlds most potent anti-oxident and have been shown in countless studies to help with skin cell renewal and anti aging.
The results- smooth, radiant, clear and youthful looking skin. And the prized possession from AMOREPACIFIC’s line- the  TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal anti aging creme With countless scientific research from Harvard University that went into this creme and a patented product consisting of green tea stem cells and other antioxidant rich ingredients it’s been so exciting trying this on my skin.
I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and my skin feels moist and plump and refreshed. My roommate commented on my skin this morning actually- and I said hey if the Koreans are doing it, I’m doing it .
And I’m clearly not the first to catch on. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus are already all carrying the line, just to name a few.


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I’m obsessed with Korean beauty products. Why? Because it’s no secret that Koreans have the best skin, so […]
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