Best of Los Angeles: My Honey Spots


If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed some photos I’ve been posting with a little honeybee logo on them over the past few weeks. People were asking me questions, “whats the little bee?”, etc and now I can finally share the details! I partnered with Marc Jacobs on a project to support their fragrance Honey by Marc Jacobs. I had to pick some of my favorite places in my city (Los Angeles) to share with you guys with the hashtag #mjhoneyspots. So if you didn’t see them on instagram, here they are! And i’m adding a bunch more favorite spots at the bottom for those of you looking to visit Los Angeles soon!

Photo 1: Pacific Coast Highway 1= Arguably one of the most beautiful drives in the world- PCH aka Coast Highway aka Highway 1. It runs all along the coast from the top to bottom of California. If you’re coming to California and renting a car (which you have to, public transportation is relatively non-existent) you must do some of the drive!

Photo 2: LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)- Home to one of the most notable monuments in Los Angeles- the lampposts, and it’s new art installation the Levitated Mass (pictured above), LACMA is not only inspirational and amazing but gorgeous for taking photos!

Photo 3: Mauro’s Cafe @ Fred Segal in West Hollywood- Located just several blocks from my house this is my go to favorite lunch spot. They have the best shrimp avocado salad and not to mention a little shopping at Fred Segal after never hurts.

Photo 4: The Boardwalk= Los Angeles County wouldn’t be complete without the beach. From Malibu to Manhattan Beach the ocean and boardwalk are breathtaking. Every Californian’s dream- to own a home on the boardwalk.

Photo 5: Park Ave in Beverly Hills= The sky high palm-tree lined streets of Beverly Hills are famous around the world and a great place to get that “I’ve been to LA” picture!

And here’s a complete list of some of my favorite places in the city!
Favorite Stores: Just One Eye, Reformation, Curve, Intermix, Maxfield, LF, Madison
Favorite reasonably priced store: Topshop at The Grove
Favorite Vintage Shop: Wasteland, Decades
Favorite department type store: Barney’s
Favorite local shopping experience: Melrose Flea Market on Sundays
Favorite Lunch: Joans on Third, Cafe Midi, Mauro’s Cafe
An “LA” lunch experience: The Ivy
Best lunch and shopping in one: Fred Segal
Best vegan: Cafe Gratitude
Favorite smoothie: Radiant Skin at Earthbar
Lunch on the eastside: Alcova in Los Feliz
Best restaurants to spot celebrities: Madeo, Soho House, Chateau Marmont
My personal favorite restaurants: Gjelina (in Venice Beach), The Little Door, Eveleigh
Best seafood: Son of a Gun
Favorite Mexican restaurant and margaritas: El Compadre
Best Italian: Terronis, Madeo
Favorite reasonably priced dinner: Bossa Nova
Best Hotel: Chateau Marmont
Best Hotel pool: Roosevelt
Best Sushi: Sugarfish, Sushi Park
Favorite place to have a drink: Soho House (members only), Bar Marmont, Sunset Marquis
Favorite dive bar: The Darkroom
Favorite wine and cheese bar: Tosca
Favorite outdoor activity: hiking Runyon Canyon, bike riding on the boardwalk in Venice
Best Drives: Pacific Coast Highway Santa Monica to Malibu, Sunset Strip from Fairfax to Crescent
Other spots to check out: The Grove, Farmers Market, The Getty, Rodeo Drive

Street Walkin'
September 14, 2013
A Day At Fashion Week
September 19, 2013

Best of Los Angeles: My Honey Spots


  1. Sandrine V says:

    LA looks like an awesome city! I wish I could go there one day! And I love the concept of the honey bee spots!

    Sandrine xx

  2. Lovin these LA spots, these are actually some of my go-to places too! xoxo Great post with the cute little honey bees ;))

    NEW post up… | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  3. ivana says:

    cool photos, these look like some awesome spots

  4. Kristina says:

    Seeing Eveleigh on this list made me happy.

    love the list and the photos!


  5. Kimberly Ann says:

    LOVE all of this! I’ve never been to LA but I’m dying to visit and have family there… but I’m a little worried I may not want to leave :) haha! Great post!


  6. I definitely gotta head to LA one day. As a resident of NYC, I feel loyal to my Beast Coast, but I know I might be transformed once I become a Cali Girl!

    Your Friend, Jess

  7. I want to visit L.A, thanks for this guide !

    Kisses !

  8. Alison D says:

    As a newcomer to Los Angeles, I love this post!
    Wonderful suggestions to get me off to the perfect LA start!


  9. LoveYourEgo says:

    Such cool places!! I want to go to LA and check them all out :D

  10. Monique says:

    I just visited LA for the first time about a month ago and loved it! I can’t wait to go back, there’s so much to see and do. And you’re right, the drive down Sunset strip, Pacific Coast Highway, and into Malibu are gorgeous. :-)

    The Flair Society

  11. oly says:

    you are so pretty!
    in a few days be ready for a giveaway!

  12. oly says:

    you are so pretty!
    iloved the photos! get ready for a giveaway!!
    check it :)

  13. natalie says:

    awesome :D
    can’t wait to go la one day

  14. Michelle Lee says:

    you make me sooo miss LA :)

  15. I love this post because California is so close to my heart. I left 8 years ago and miss it every day. I love the PCH drive…I often would drive from Huntington Beach to Dana Point and back just to clear my head and watch a beautiful sunset…I also made the drive from HB to Santa Barbara…if the time of day is right, the sky reflecting on the ocean is so gorgeous. I envy Southern Californians!

  16. Thanks for all the cool spots, can’t wait to check them out next time I visit LA
    Check out:
    With Love,

  17. Sarah says:

    I love all of these places! So fun!

    The Purse Snatcher

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