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Today I had to tackle one of my biggest obstacles…. Hollywood Blvd. I usually try to avoid it at all costs because of the swarms of people. It’s completely a tourist area and not somewhere I would choose to shop. But I had had had to have this bright coral lipstick at MAC and I went to 3 different stores and they were out, so I had to go to the one on Hollywood Blvd. so happy they had it!
The cartoon kid pictured above kept following me around and I was unsuccessfully trying to dodge him.
Things were much more comfortable when I got back to my little quaint street in West Hollywood.
I’m wearing a little denim dress that I got a few years back and these boots my amazing aunt gave to me, they were hers from the 70’s. How cool is that?. Also the bag I ordered from Nasty Gal and it’s my favorite of the moment. The hand harness/ring/bracelet in one I got this past sunday at the flea market from a lady who designs jewelry for Free People and Anthropologie. Her designs were amazing I wanted them all.
I’m loving all bright colored jewelry and electric pink/coral lipsticks :)
Note: I do have little white jean shorts on underneath, no it’s not my underwear haha!!
The winner of my claw necklace giveaway is posted here!!! and see how you still have a chance to win!
Happy friday everyone and have an amazing weekend!!!

June 9, 2011
June 14, 2011



  1. So desert chic! The purse is beautiful and the denim dress is perfect on you. Glad you survived Hollywood Blvd and found your lip color!


  2. wow lovely denim shirt and bag! the bag! i hope you had fun at hollywood! i wish i was there! :(


  3. Eliza guerchanok says:

    l<3ve this look, so casual and yet fun, the boots and the bracelet/ring are breathtaking! too bad they're one of a kind. lot of love from Paris :)

  4. This is all about a look! It is a finished look and you have thought about every detail, and that is what makes it so interesting and complete. I am not a big fan of boots in the summer, but when it is perfectly done, I like it. It is genius to wear it with a smashing jeans dress. The belt is divine, because it emphasized the dress feeling. But what I love the most are the accessories. The blue and peach jewelry are perfect together and more is definitely more. Love the bag, the fabric is gorgeous and so perfect for your look

  5. s says:

    looooove ;D


  6. Nice! Lovely dress!:)

  7. olga says:

    you are totally awesome! I'm crazy about your style:)

  8. Anaivilo says:

    Oh you look so great! I love your jewelery , the rings are simply gorgeous and they have a great effect on the outfit :D

  9. You're denim dress is gorgeous and I love all your accessories! You have such amazing style! xxxx


  10. champagne says:

    I love these photos and your style!

  11. Thrift_Queen says:

    Your style is gorgeous:)

  12. amazing outfit, blue jean skirt is awesome!!
    i've taken a picture in the same exactly place on Hollywood Blvd with dark wador.. ;) funny isn't?
    have an amazing day beauty!!

    xoxo from france

  13. Vasilieva says:

    that lipstick is gorgeous and i just love your denim shirt, the whole combination is great


  14. Amazing boots! You reminded me of the two pairs of seventies boots my mom gave me ;-)
    Time to bring them out, thanks for the inspiration!


  15. Michelle Lee says:

    love MAC always
    this denim dress suits you so well!

    sneakpeek post to tmr:

  16. Patricia says:

    gorgeous, Shea you INSPIRE ME !!!

  17. wow, absolutely gorgeous look!!!

    XO Sahra

  18. Marie says:

    Love the jewellery and the bag. And I have to get a nice belt like that :D

  19. Lola says:

    I love this whole look. The denim dress is just fab and you put it together with all the right accessories.

  20. weasel says:

    You look astonishing, as always!

  21. deEPOCA says:

    we swoon for you lady!!!!

    lets collab!

    rad vintage

  22. Ashley Rae says:

    You do boho soooo well. Love this.


  23. SAMANTHA says:

    I lovee that handpiece! and your purse. super cool that your aunt gave you those boots!


  24. i really love how you mix and match your clothes. i've said it before, but seriously you look so pretty in everything!

    xo katie elizabeth

  25. Jenni says:

    loving your accessories babe! they are amazing! <3

  26. Demisdays says:

    Aaaah your on the walk of fame…love the jewelry!

  27. Annie says:

    this is such a great look for you. I adore that colorful bag so much.

    X, Annie

    stop by my blog, if you like: anniewear.de

  28. Beautiful dress!


  29. MELISSA Z. says:

    amazing pics and great denim dress dear! <3


  30. Jan says:

    I love this outfit!
    Just every single piece of it, the dress, the belt, the bag, the jewelry…
    You look stunning (:

    &Thanks; for e-mailing me!

  31. Neris says:

    Love the denim dress paired with cognac boots! Your jewelry is amazing!


    Fashion Fractions

  32. Wow, great look! Kisses guapa, Laura

  33. Ashley Rose says:

    Love this outfit and that bag is gorgeous!

  34. Little Sable says:

    I love your denim shirt!!
    kisses from your follower ♡

    With love Little Sable

  35. Erin says:

    What was the woman's name who designs the hand harness? Does she have a website? I absolutely love it and your ensemble!

  36. Eva says:

    I LOVE your style you just know how to put things together :)
    Please take a look at by blog, and see if it's something.
    Love E

  37. viewfrom5ft2 says:

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! I'll be keeping up with you for sure :)
    Love this outfit and I'm obsessed with your bracelet/ring!


  38. I LOVE your dress! I want one now!


  39. Shasie says:

    I was gonna say, what is that creepy thing in that picture with you! hahaha. I totally know how you feel about going on the hunt for MAC stuff. I went to 2 stores for their "Impassioned" hot pink lipstick! Luckily it was just 2 MAC stores in the same mall so I didn't have to go far, but I practically one from the one to the other, just to make sure the other store didn't run out before I got there

    Live Life in Style

  40. Emy says:

    I love all the jewerly that your wearing!! Really great:)


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