I’m in Brazil working on a super fun project with some amazing girls, Jane, Aimee and Kelly. We have been so busy barely been able to take any pictures. So for now follow me on instagram @peaceloveshea for more info and I’ll be posting more soon!
I have to say I am in LOVE with Brazil, everyone is so amazing, hospitable. The food is incredible and so is the fashion.
All I have to say for now is Brazil, i love you! We have been in Sao Paulo and today heading to Rio. So excited!


  1. Lise Devos says:

    Nice oufit!!! :) pleas visit my blog!

  2. Oh, excited to hear what this is about – four of my favourite bloggers all in one place!

  3. s says:

    delicious your shirt! i’m waiting for the full outfit pictures! kiss from italy!

  4. Giulia says:

    You look all so pretty!!!! Love your blouse :) Have fun in Brasil!


  5. Dominika Stuba says:

    You look great togheter, all of you are soooo beautiful!!!!

  6. Sara Morais says:

    I hope you really enjoy Brazil :) it’s an amazing country and people are so kind and friendly. It’s amazing. I’m planning on moving to Rio so, when I do, then you’ll have an open door whenever you want :)

  7. Taís Meireles says:

    Yay! Our country is really great, isn’t it? =P
    Hope you enjoy it even more and I’m looking forward to seeing all four of you in Glamour and Elle!


  8. Leah says:

    Great photo of some beautiful ladies!

  9. Lucija Borko says:

    you chic ladies :)

  10. paulynagore says:

    Chic ! Enjoy your trip !

  11. rhodawong says:

    i love what you’re wearing!


  12. Lola says:

    I’ve been following you on Instagram. Looks like you girls are having an amazing time! Love your outfit! The blouse is so beautiful:)

  13. All if you girls look amazing…xoxoxoxo

  14. Pauline T says:

    You girls look wonderful <3

  15. Aleksandra says:

    you look great! :)

  16. Anaíza says:

    We brazilians are so glad that you’re liking our country! Hope you come back wherever you want..love your blog and your style!!! Anaíza :)

  17. thankfifi says:

    what an amazing group of girls! your look is amazing and I’m hoping you do get time to get some photos of that one! have fun and tell us all soon…

    ♥ ThankFifi

  18. Camila says:

    You will love Rio! It´s amazing, welcome! I love my city!

  19. splendid splendid says:

    i love sea of shoes (Jane) My favorite blogger! Have fun in Brazil!

  20. Gi says:

    Hi! Welcome to our loved country. It is a huge pleasure have you at “tupiniquim” lands. Ask to Camila Coutinho what Tupiniguim means.
    Have fun!

  21. Sophie Danks says:

    Looking oh so chic. US road trip followed by work in Brazil, you lucky thing!



  22. Isadora Rodrigues says:

    That´s great!! ^^have a great time here in Brazil!!

  23. Grace Lee says:

    You lucky gals! So jealous of all of you! Brazil seems like a beautiful place!


  24. kayli says:

    amazing photo!! :)
    and have a wonderful wonderful time there~


  25. Sheron says:

    You r gonna love Rio!! It’s a beautiful city, so sad can’t get to meet you :(

  26. Lucky babe! Enjoy your time there!


  27. Welcome to my country Shea! Brazil is really amazing!

  28. Carol says:

    I love Brazil – have a great time xoxo

  29. Sissi Blum says:

    Welcome to Brazil! Sao Paulo is the busiest city in the country, where everything happens. Rio is pure party, wonderful, you’ll love, I’m sure! You’re beautiful, super stylish and your site is amazing!

  30. papillon says:

    I’ve never been to Brazil, but it looks like you girls are having an awesome time!!


  31. Tayná Vale says:

    in which city of Brazil? I’m so happy o/

  32. Tayná Vale says:

    I’m glad you liked my beautiful and wonderful Brazil :)

  33. Nanda Chaves says:

    Hope you can meet with your readers here in Rio!

  34. Dri Afonso says:

    Hi darling. Have you already arriven in Rio??? Hope you are having fun here. Let’s do something before you leave, I can show you nice places in Rio!
    Dri Afonso

  35. Katharina says:

    i already saw some pics on instagram – congrats on this opportunity! you look stunning as always!


  36. jg says:

    lovely pic as always :) check out my swedish blog if you like, josefineg.spotlife.se

  37. Lovely outfit, those tones look great on you!

  38. welcome to Brasil :)) !

  39. Cil says:

    Welcome to Brazil, I hope you are enjoying my country, please get more looks here .. Kisses

  40. Vanessa says:

    You all look so amazing!!! My favorite bloggers all in one photo! I love it!



  41. Kelly says:

    Your outfit is amazing!! Love the lace top and that bag!


  42. Erica says:

    My favorite bloggers! haha i am obsessed with all of the girls blogs especially The Glamourai! Have fun in brazil! Love all of your outfits!


  43. Katie Lee says:

    Love it!! Wish I could have been there with you!!

  44. Patricia says:

    I was in Rio last month and it was incredible! If you have time and love japanese food, don’t miss the Sushi Leblon restaurant !! There is great food and great people !!

    Have fun!!


  45. Maysa Gois says:

    just have a good time here darling!

  46. Cosmica says:

    Beautiful shorts, where did you buy them ? Marta from Poland ;)

  47. Nicole says:

    Welcome to my wonderful country!!

  48. My dream retirement is to hardly ever really need to deal with the cold of winter or heat of summer. An A-Frame in Vermont as well as a cottage by the sea near Savannah.

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