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Even though I’m currently battling the snow (and craziness) of New York Fashion Week, of course I didn’t forget about my Sunday food post!! I prepared it in advance last week to have ready to share with you all today. This is one of my favorite healthy meals. I think I sort of just invented it. It is delish over brown rice and keeps in the fridge for days. I eat this a lot and like I said I’m doing these posts because I really wanted to share things that make at home myself, quick and healthy!


Let talk brown rice. You can buy it already frozen in packs which I do sometimes, but I’m picky about my rice. I love the fragrant rices. Basmati is my favorite. Well, who has time to wait 50 minutes for rice to cook. So I started thinking if you can buy it frozen why can’t I freeze it myself? I looked online and was so excited to find out you can! (you can find anything online these days.)


Here’s how to do it:

1. I made the largest batch on the back of the rice package I had. (2 cups rice, 3 1/2 cups water, 8-10 servings)
2. Follow directions to cook rice. You can add flavor if you want, or leave it plain. I used 2 tsp of Knorr chicken boullion. You could also cook rice with 1/2chicken broth, 1/2 water if you have some handy.
3. Let rice cool a bit, then put into ziplock freezer bags while still warm (this will keep the rice moist) and put in freezer.
4. I got 5- 1cup bags out of my batch. How cool is that? I have rice for 5 dinners or lunches and it was so easy


Once you have your rice ready you will need:
Green onion
Cherry or grape tomatoes
1 can cannellini beans
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Garlic salt
Ground pepper


1. Rinse beans under cold running water and let drain.
2. Place asparagus in boiling water and turn down so they are not boiling too hard. Check often. You want them to be
firm and not mushy. When they are ready, drain and let sit in cold water a bit, then pat dry.
3. Cut up all ingredients


Place all ingredients in a bowl. Drizzle on some olive oil, a little lemon juice and season to taste. I used a little garlic salt and
cracked pepper.
Now just put atop your brown rice and you have a healthy, delicious lunch or light dinner. I always love to add a little avocado too!

You have the beans for protein, and the rice for fiber and bulk (which will fill you up) Feel free to add any other vegetables that you like. It’s fun to invent! It’s also a great work lunch because you can take to work without having to heat up.
Just pop a bag of rice in microwave before you leave. Put in a container, salad on top and you’re ready to go!
Hope you enjoy!! Let me know if you try it or add anything else to make your own twist on it!


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