My Looks


Jacket: Isabel Marant
Shirt: Zara (love the leather Rag & Bone)
Skirt: Helmut Lang
Shoes: Zara (love these Fendi)
Rings: LUV AJ

There’s some days we quickly shoot street style photos and some days (like sundays) we actually take time to make them look a bit more editorial. Hence my dramatic posing, ha ha :) But I’m having a major 90’s Britney/Aaliyah moment. Navel ring back in full swing. Oh yeah!
My new favorite thing is glitter roots. It’s a mess yea, but looks dope! No pain no gain; that’s what I say. I love love this gold Isabel Marant jacket– although it was way too hot today in the sun so didn’t get to wear it as long as I had hoped. And the shoes- a great Zara find. Clunky, weird, 90’s – just how I like them.
Have a fantastic week everyone, and I know I don’t say it enough- but THANK YOU SO MUCH for following along and all of your support. It means the world to me. XOXO

Photos by: Matt Petran

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