happy friday everyone! i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. here is a little compilation of photos for friday fun. and some personal photos at the bottom :)

vanessa jackman: love this simple, casual, yet totally chic outfit below. this is an outfit you can never go wrong with. basic black, jean and a leather jacket. always in style. and always love jeans shorts and tights. i’m actually wearing that today. i’ll post a pic at the bottom.
this picture below is amazing. the hair is killer. although my hair is finally getting to a healthy state i’m not about to go mess it up again but it would be fun for a day. pastel colors in hair are all over spring/summer lookbooks. i guess they have that spray on, wash out kind. but that scares me too. i’ve already made the mistake of the “wash out hot pink” that really should read “washes out to peach hair” haha. so for now i’ll just stare at these pictures and daydream. from bec and bridge autumn/winter 2011 lookbook.
love love love ear cuffs. this picture below of taylor at thingsonhangers is one of my favorite ear cuffs i’ve seen. maybe its the combo with the crystal earring… either way its all kinds of awesome.
jewelry jewelry jewelry, funky, stones, chunky, gaudy, metals, chains, textures, golds, silvers, bronze, yes yes yes. just a few of the million words that come to mind when i see this. love it. from mezi a/w 2011 lookbook.
erin wasson = summer. she just has that natural beachy warm look to her. i want to be on the beach under the boardwalk with some boys like that too. :) well i guess i could be if i wanted… im pretty sure these were shot here in LA, santa monica probably, only thing i’m missing is the hot boys… any takes?? haha. from replay s/s 2011 lookbook.
i love all white and white wide leg trousers. elin kling looks efforstlessly flawless below. i keep seeing this picture everywhere, finally decided ill post it myself..
below are some personal photos. jean shorts and tights are kind of what i live in right now. when its slightly too cold for just shorts but too warm for a sweater and jeans…. this is perfect. plus worn with a new shawl i just bought from american apparel. its sooo cute im obsessed. i’m gonna take a better picture of it later. but for right now i’m working.
speaking of working everyone does “whats in my purse” articles… how about whats on my desk… lets see always a mac computer. it’s a must. my cellphone obviously, my keys with the dreamcatcher keychain, magazines, my favorite gucci sunglasses, mag tearouts of things i like, fashion books, water, and my purse.
images of warmth: i keep forgetting over half the world is freezing right now. NY is out of control with snow, friends keep sending me pictures. and here i am enjoying the sun and warm january we are having here in california. here are some pictures of warmth for all of you in colder parts. sometimes when i’m cold i look at warm pictures and it actually warms me up. haha maybe i;m strange.
pics via peaceloveshea.com, fashiongonerogue, knightcat, thingsonhangers,
hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!
i have so much to do and i’m writing a fashion piece for 944 magazine and the examiner. my weekend might not be all that fun. hmm

oh and on sunday im going to post pictures of my trend of the week lace shorts… i decided to include lace pants as well since a couple people asked about it. so if you didn’t send me your pics yet, send them peaceloveshea@gmail.com to be featured on my blog!!
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happy friday everyone! i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. here is a little compilation of photos for […]
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