(dress Urban Outfitters, shoes Nine West, sunnies Gomer, bag MK Totem)

I’ve been spending as much time as I can at the beach when the weather is nice. My car is in the shop and I have a rental car for a few weeks and it’s a convertible so I’ve been taking full advantage of the top-down drives along the coast. Saw this maxi dress in the window at Urban Outfitters the other day because it’s only a block from my house and I ran in to grab it. It’s super comfy and an easy throw together outfit. I also like the double side slits, makes it easy to walk (and run around on the beach in.) Everyone should invest in a few good maxi dresses for the summer. So easy to throw over a bathing suit and wear straight into the night :)

And dont forget: I REALLY hope to see some of you this weekend at the Blogger Market in Los Angeles. See all the info HERE.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

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March 21, 2012
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March 26, 2012

easy beach life


  1. amazing dress! love the way it looks! Have a great time at the beach!
    xo, Tina

  2. Elodie says:

    Being from the French Riviera, I know what you mean. I would spend all my days at the beach if I were home, but I am now living in London so sunny parks will have to do for now.

    -Elodie x

  3. Hanna says:

    that's a really cute dress! :)


  4. How i wish i lived that easy beach life of yours my dear!



  5. Cool pictures! I'm dreaming about the sea and beach too :))


  6. Lilli says:

    beautiful dress!:)

  7. fashionenvie says:

    I'm really jealous about where you live, I wish I could hop onto the beach and wear beautiful dresses like that :)

  8. Giovanna says:

    Super cute look! Love the maxi!


  9. That dress is so beautiful! Nothing like basking in the California sun in a convertible.


  10. I want that beach life, great photos your dress is gorge!!

  11. Ida says:

    LOVE this dress!! <3

  12. Alison says:

    Gorgeous! Maxi dresses are my favorite thing to wear in the summer. I love this one on you :)


  13. Inez says:

    Incredibly lovely dress.

  14. Suzie Q says:

    Love the dress, the pattern is perfect for summer and the slits are perfect.


  15. Sara Morais says:

    Life feels so much easier near the beach :) You look really beautiful!

  16. WearAbouts says:

    the slits up the side make it a little less "covering" as maxis tend to be and a little more fun and playful :) love that effect! :)
    Follow me on CHICTOPIA

  17. Deborah D says:

    wow Amazing dress,love it!

    Fashion review

  18. Shannon says:

    Perfect beach outfit! Love the dress!

    – Shannon

  19. Jennifer says:

    What an amazing outfit again!
    Love this maxi-dress, absolutely gorgeous!

    Love, Jennifer


  20. Claudia says:

    You look beautiful and this dress is amazing! I love your blog!!!


    Kiss from London

  21. Wow lovely!!! I want those shoes!! ♥

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti // lettherebelightbitch.blogspot.com

  22. StyleBash says:

    Great colours and you can see how comfortable it is


  23. The dress is so beautiful but you're even more beautiful.


  24. Sabrina says:

    The look was incredible … very beautiful even
    Today I did something that was much to do
    look at all the posts from your blog
    I loved all of them are beautiful, and you can see how the photos evoluio
    increasingly they are better and more beautiful.
    Now yes I passear Can I say that your blog is incredible.
    : D

  25. Love that dress, getting me in the mood for summer!


  26. love_ambam says:

    Your style is truly amazing and your blog inspires me to keep up with my blog so that one day I can get to this point! Every outfit it perfect

  27. This makes me so sad, I miss the beaches there! You look great though!

  28. I adore your maxi's! they are my go to for spring. always amazing outfits.



  29. Enjoy the beach and your convertible then! Love the dress!



  30. thankfifi says:

    LOVE that dress – perfect for summer! Hope the market goes well.x

  31. Amazing dress, and I wish I lived by the beach!!


  32. JO says:

    You look pretty as always!!
    Oh I wish I could be in LA :(

  33. Meganne says:

    Soft jersey maxi dresses ar the best, of course add some stripes to them and you've got a killer versatile comfortable summer dress!
    Material Fixations

  34. blackponies says:

    WOW beautiful pictures!!! I really looove your dress! And by the way, your blog is lovely :)

    Maybe you want to visit my blog too? then lets go:) http://www.aboutblackponies.com/2012/03/first-sunlight-of-spring.html

  35. Andrea says:

    you are gorgeous! i love the dress!

  36. K says:

    OMG your so pretty! Love the blog! Check out min! http://nailpolishfantasy.blogspot.com/

  37. Gorgeous dress.


  38. FASHIONFED says:

    You have a great collection of maxi dresses!


  39. amazing striped dress! too cute for words! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  40. Karola says:

    Nice photos :d.

  41. Those flip flops are soo nice!

  42. love Joice says:

    Very stylish, I love the bag! xx

  43. The maxi dress is chic and it looks so comfortable! Don't you love the LA beach lifestyle? your style totally goes with it =)

  44. I wish one day I'll come and visit the LA, 'cuz I just love this city! you look gorgeous!

    xx Leila


  45. That dress is adorable! I want to go to the beach!

  46. LOVE this dress, the colors are so good together. May have to pick one up :)


    Kate L. Harris

  47. Nee says:

    wow, this photoshoots are amazing! very talented photographer.
    i want to go to beach right now!:)

  48. Jane Alisa says:

    Great pictures & I adore the dress. xoxo

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