Giveaway!!! Anya Hindmarch Leather Bag!!!

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The giveaway will end on October 31st to add a little more excitement to Halloween!

This is the best giveaway I’ve done so far! And it has a great story behind it! On Fashion’s Night Out in Los Angeles last month while shopping / party hopping down Robertson in Beverly Hills we stopped by the Anya Hindmarch store. They were having a contest where everyone could take a picture with a bag and the winning shot would win the bag. I said “if I win I’m going to do a giveaway for my readers.” Turns out that my shot (the picture above) was the winning shot out of hundreds of entries. So now I’m keeping up my end of the deal :) If you aren’t familiar with Anya’s bags, she’s a famous English designer and you must check out her collections. This is a beautiful small black leather bag with a long strap. Perfect for going out at night when you don’t want to carry a huge bag. Loving it.

(above I’m wearing jacket and shorts by Ellie Lavelle, shoes Alexander Wang, ring Vanessa Mooney)

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel
October 13, 2011
snakeskin & leather
October 17, 2011

Giveaway!!! Anya Hindmarch Leather Bag!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Patricia Garay email:

  2. elenaeris says:

    Love the baG!
    I'm elena nntelodico on facebook!

  3. It's so nice to you beauty, but I never win giveaway! these boots are stunning babe!

    xoxo from france

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love the bag & photo!

  5. Susan H.G. says:

    Thanks you for the giveaway!

  6. Anonymous says:

    love the bag and the jacket!
    twitter @jennakistav

  7. miles sible says:

    hi there ms. shea! :)
    i would love to have the bag that youre giving away!

  8. Anonymous says:!
    This bag is so beautiful. simple but wonderful!
    love your blog by the way. Your style has been such an inspiration to my own.

  9. such a great giveaway! and that outfit is amazing, totally have a blazer like that on my wishlist!
    I was already following on BlogLovin, and I liked the other pages too :D

    xo Sahra

  10. Maya says:

    Wohooooooo, I love that bag!
    I had nothing to do since I already followed you and liked your FB page (I hearted this post though) ;)

    Maya (

  11. Anonymous says:

    Barbara Kudła

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. anthi says:


  14. And if I win, I will give the bag to my sister, who loves it! :)
    thank you! x

  15. I love this, thank you! I promise to take a self-portrait in the same pose as you if I win : ) jen 7maples at gmail dot youknowwhat

  16. Shamini says:

    i love this bag !
    keeping my fingers crossed

  17. Nicole T says:

    Love the bag!

  18. great photo! liked everything, and already following you on Bloglovin!

  19. va says:

    liked page . ana amanti
    bloglovin follower
    tumblemumbo at
    intl . thanks

  20. Such a great bag!

    FB : Mihaela Rotim

    e-mail :

    Good luck to everyone.^^

    Great post. I really like your blog.^^

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  21. Love that jacket! xxx

  22. Anonymous says:

    your blog updates and style inspire me! love all the outfits and pictures. such a positive and great way to represent LA! way to rock it girl <3 KT

  23. KelseyA says:

    Love this bag!!! Liked all the pages on Bloglovin' and Facebook.


  24. Jenna Marie says:

    Absolutely adore the photo!! Although the bag looks fab on you- I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands :P Xx


  25. Silvia says:

    Hi girl…so is it an internacional giveaway?

  26. Sara de OLIVEIRA says:


    Sara de Oliveira

  27. I follow you via Bloglovin and "hearted" this post! I like your page and the contest on FB as Danielle Villano!


  28. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous girl! Gorgeous blog! Gorgeous bag!
    Claudia Ávila

  29. Letícia says:

    Letícia Akashi

  30. rf says:

    my fb is rory finn and i follow u on bloglovin!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    i follow u on bloglovin as michelle2119
    and on fb as yuki kuran
    plus i like this post
    and u r so sweet!

  32. I follow you on bloglovin' and liked this post there
    I also like your page on facebook& liked the giveaway

    and I love your blog!

  33. morgan tatum says:

    Morgan Tatum

    Bag looks great! I'm a big fan of your style.

  34. OMG! This would be the best best best birthday present ever! I've been looking for a small bag that I can use whenever and wherever. This would be perfect! :D

  35. SAMANTHA says:

    such a great bag wearable with anything! love this photo too :)


  36. Nina says:

    Thats a hot shot, pure Love!

  37. socialitedreams at

    vonnie stewart :)

  38. I have been looking for a new black bag for awhile now and I absolutely love this one! So cute.

  39. Ray says:

    What a generous giveaway! Love that bag and your blog. I already had you on my Google Reader but now you are on my Bloglovin' too!

    Twitter @hautewife

  40. Good Luck to you all :)
    @curvynpetite twitter….

    Can't wait!

    Peace & Love.

    Jimely Rosas.

  41. Perveen Maan says:

    Would love to win this! My go-to bag is in tatters.


    Also – you're jacket is amazing. I doubt I'd ever be able to pull it off, but you do so amazingly well!

  42. Perveen Maan says:




  43. Chal says:

    mswanderlusterphilippines AT gmail DOT com :)

  44. Love that bag! and all of Anya H's! i would be thrilled if I own one!

    e-mail :
    twitter : @sophiacharles02

  45. Anonymous says:

    Need to win that bag!

    Cirene Jackson


  46. Yen says:

    A great addition to my leather family!
    Anya Hindmarch's bag designs are really great; they are neat, lovely & elegant.

    Anyway, here is my email:
    Thank you so much.


  47. Cool giveaway! I'm a bloglovin follower and done them all.

  48. Gwen says:

    OMG :) that bag looks so cool. I want it :D haha

    Your giveaways are always so great :) thx for sharing that with us. xo

  49. tara says:

    love, love it!

    tara vasiljevic

  50. Jamie says:

    Great giveaway, and thanks for keeping your word ;). I would love to win!


  51. Anonymous says:

    Jana Kovarova

  52. Amazing bag, thanks.
    Google friend: la reina cotilla
    Fb: Ana GOnzalez Sanchez

    Thank´s a lot.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Love the bag and actually your whole outfit!

    My name is Hiltje and you can reach me at

  54. tami says:

    Hiiii! My name is Tamara Marinkovic. Great giveaway you have here ;)

    My e-mail is

  55. Lulu says:

    Love it)
    Following you, FB name Olesia Flegka

  56. Anonymous says:

    would love if i would win the bag! :))
    name: patricia mae sy

  57. Hi doll!

    Cute bag!

    — I'm a current Bloglovin' follower under: SAUCY | f | BABY

    — I just liked your page & this post on Facebook under: Nicole Ordonez

    Thank you so much for the chance! :)


    — Nicole

  58. Looove it
    ..and love your blog


  59. ATIYAH says:

    everything done.

    Atiyah Akbar from


  60. Georgia says:

    Hi darling, gorgeous bag!!!

    Good luck to all of us (:
    Lots of hugs, G.

    (on fb like as life full of colors)

  62. Margareta says:

    love love love the bag!

    on fb: Margareta Jagodić

  63. Amazing giveaway and amazing picture !
    My name is Alice and my e-mail is
    My name in facebook is Alicia Pastor and my blog is
    Good luck everyone ;)

  64. Deborah D says:

    my e-mail

  65. jonnap says:

    i love that pic!!


    check out and follow my blog!

  66. mayhesham says:

    Love the pic!

    maihisham (at)

    Check out my blog and tumblr

  67. Elisabeth says:

    This outfit is just perfect! I love EVERYTHING!!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I love this bag!

  69. Raffaella says:

    I always follow your style!on fb and bloglovin already :)

    xx Raffa

  70. Laura says:

    Great giveaway <3 Thank you :)

    Fingers crossed

  71. Heart this give away! and You blog. XOXO Caifornia foreva ;-)

    Tobruckave.blogspot fingers crossed

  72. Charlie says:

    oooh Wow! great giveaway.
    Already follow u via GFC, blogloving and Facebook.

    email address

  73. jen says:

    thx for having the giveaway!
    jenpanetta. at.

  74. Jackie says:

    My Halloween is going to be spent taking midterms, but winning this bag would definitely make it all better! ;-)
    Thank you for giving it away!

    Jackie Groffman:

  75. SAge says:

    black leather for halloween ;) lovely bag!


  76. Great!!! Let´s see if I will take this bag to Brazil!!

  77. Piia P. says:

    Love this!Amazing!

  78. Deborah says:

    Love this bag !

    deborah froiio (on facebook) (e-mail) <3

  79. Anonymous says:

    I love this bag :D

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  80. chachamisu says:

    You look fabulous, so perfect with that awsome bag, congratulation!

  81. eva loukaki says:

    amazing bag and in perfect timing cos i need one black <3
    cross fingers,great giveaway…
    eva xxx

  82. Owl says:

    Beautiful bag! Done and done. :)

  83. Anonymous says:

    great idea for giveaway and perfect gift for your followers!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE love loooooove youre blog. This bag is gorgeous!

  85. Alyssa Wilke says:

    what a great bag and picture! funny story too :)
    Alyssa Wilke

  86. MJ Moore says:

    Following via bloglovin', FB fan, liked post. Glad I found your blog!


  87. Sarah says:

    Love this giveaway!! Ahh!!

  88. Amanda says:
    her bags are stunning!

  89. maite says:

    love this giveaway and your blog is awesome!!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    followed on both!

  91. nira says:

    Oh i Love this bag <3
    And your Blog

  92. Michelle says:

    So beautiful photo, you´re amazing!

    I think this bag is perfect for every occasion, love it.

  93. Dolly says:

    done everything! amazing bag, wish i could own it!

    dolly, xo

  94. lillith&lola says:

    Great picture and giveaway!



  95. Anonymous says:

    loooooooooove this giveaway!

  96. Anonymous says:

    that's cool!!!

  97. Verena says:


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  100. KadryLiz says:

    I've been looking for a bag like that but haven't found one yet, so this really is the perfect giveaway.

    My contact info:

  101. ALIX says:

    Love the jacket !!!

    SPARKEL !<3

  102. AudreyA says:

    Did 1.), 2.) and 3.)
    This is an awesome bag! Perfect! AHHH!!
    Always checking my email, so there's my contact info.
    Heres my blog:

  103. Mia Hong says:

    I am loving your outfit. <3 Can't wait to hear the results!

    -Mia Hong

  104. Sara says:

    Love the bag! Thank you for this giveaway.

    My email: saraescuderosainz at gmail dot com

  105. applegirls says:

    Wooow! , fcb: Maritka Diblíková

  106. Ryan says:

    That gold blazer is to DIE for!

  107. Tri▲ngle says:

    Hey nice giveaway! I hope to win!
    Follow you everywhere!


  108. kaitlin says:

    great picture and awesome bag! hope to win :)

  109. Dee says:

    I didn't even realize that was the photo that won you the contest. It looks just like a fashion magazine ad. Really awesome!!!! Thanks for the chance too! I follow you on bloglovin', on twitter @deegee13 and fb as Dee G.

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  110. the pictures is really cool!!

    thanks for the giveaway

    Monse Fuentes

  111. this bag is gorgeous!thankyou for having this giveaway!

  112. Erica Lynn says:

    love love love the bag, and I love this photo! Once again, you are an inspiration :)

    contact me at (For win I win.. hehe)

  113. Abby says:

    Count me in sista!!! Love your blog, your style is killer :)

  114. Anonymous says:

    Hillary Russ email:

  115. Anonymous says:

    Super Like!! Loving Your Style!! Please please let me win this Handbag!!Xoxoxo.

  116. Elina says:

    I really like you and your style!Every look is different to another one, you can correctly combine different types of clothes (like AN OCTOBER SUNSET) and colors. I am fan of your looks. And this leather bag… yeeeh, it's so awesome)))

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  117. That bag is AmaZing and it's very cool of you to give it away :-D All my respect!
    Logic that you've won, it's such a cool picture!


  118. Anonymous says:

    I love this bag!

  119. fatema says:

    bloglovin email:


    facebook name: Fatema Gill

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  120. jenny k. says:

    Wow so amazing giveaway girl!!in love with this bag!!!
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  121. Anonymous says:

    Love the outfit,the bag and the photo too;)
    Facebook: Antal Bianka Klaudia
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  122. Lorena says:

    Love the outfit, love the bag :)

  123. Anonymous says:

    you and the bag

    nu santawat

  124. lovely


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  126. Adam Taylor says:

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  127. Stacey says:

    I'm lucky comment 201, I hope I win, such a great giveaway!!!


  128. Anonymous says:

    Loving this bag!!!

  129. Danny Kelly says:

    Randomly Stumbled across your blog and liked your style & loved these shots. x


  130. Carmela says:


    twitter: hypercarms

  131. Kestrel says:

    I follow you on blog loving now

  132. Kestrel says:

    I follow you on twitter (@KHBride) and liked you on facebook (KH Bride)

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  134. Martina A. says:

    Cool! I love this giveaway! And this bag, BTW.
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    Kisses from Italy =)


  135. Anonymous says:

    super giveaway!!!plz choose meee))

  136. Yildiz says:

    Love the bag but that was some great picture just fab ♥JAPON STYLE

  137. emmybear411 says:

    I follow you on bloglovin and i liked the post
    I like your facebook page Emmy Sla
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  138. Great giveaway!


  139. Lia says:

    Love the look! And love that bag! I follow you, and my email is

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    I am following you on bloglovin and I liked your post on bloglovin!!!

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  142. Anonymous says:

    would love this for my birthday!!! just turned 18 today :)

  143. Nicole says:

    I'm inlove with the whole outfit. Love you ! x

  144. amazing bag!! greetings from india!! love your style and your blog is very chic and modern.
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  145. Steph says: =] Love the bag! hope I win it =]

  146. Naz Isik says:

    Love you Shea, already follow you on everything… haha

  147. sourgrapes13 says:

    Love it! Happy Fall!
    Brittany Sage

  148. Love Anya Hindmarch's bag!!! :)

  149. love love loveeee your blog!! i literally check it every day, you inspire me to become a blogger and you help me with my outfits every morning! i just have a tumblr now with pictures that inspire me, but i want to start a blog of my every day outfits. you have the best fashion sense of anyone i know and you have an amazing taste in designers, while also mixing in brands like forever 21 and h&m; for those who can't afford rebecca minkoff, etc. you're a great person for doing this giveaway! xx

  150. Megan says:

    I did all the requirements! Yay!

  151. followed all your instructions! :)

    sarah tirona

  152. Thanks for the email about this :) Super excited for this give away and to check out your blog more!

    Caroline Josephine


  153. Renata says:

    I LOVE IT!!! Awesome giveaway.

    following you on everything, love your blog, wish me luck in the giveaway!!

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  159. Thanks for info about this giveaway. Great photo, you deserved to win :)
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  160. E says:

    So amazing!
    I found you on lookbook and now I follow your blog religiously!


  161. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Already following u on Bloglovin', "liked" the giveaway
    Following on FB & Twitter

  162. Eunice says:

    You inspire me with your style, definitely looking forward to new posts you have. Have read and always will!

    If ever I would not win this bag, I'll still be happy because I was able to experience this.. the thrill and excitement of having a chance to win this gorgeous bag. :) Keep it up. I love all your looks. :D

  164. Mabel Chan says:

    I love your shoes!! I'm not surprised your pose with the bag was picked!!

  165. K_Hep says:

    Wow! You're so sweet for sharing the bag! :)

    Thank you!

  166. TATYA says:

    Hello, i love your style , no wonder you won the contest ;)
    A nice shot+ gorgeous girl+ it bag = STUNNING!

    Oh and i like how you make a perfect combination by match the bag with your boots and leather miniskirt,
    YOU ROCK! <3


  167. DELYS says:

    Following you on Bloglovin!
    Following you on Twitter (@stripbarbie)


  168. OHeathcliff says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your boots! I love how the look is very rock & roll but also chic.

  169. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much for having this giveaway! :)

  170. Jacquelyn says:

    Love the giveaway!!


  171. Em says:

    So great giveaway! Hope I win :)

  172. uno uno says:

    nice bag!


  173. Michelle says:

    i honestly thought this was a legitimate anya hindmarch advertisement. it looks great! love the bag!

  174. Lola says:

    Thank you!!! This bag is cute and rockin' at the same time! very cool!

  175. ale says:

    Hello I'm Alexandra..:D the bag is very nice , I live in Romania so I think I won't get the bag …It's too faaaar :)But I like ur style! So Have a nice day!

    Take care

  176. JenniferCoursonGuerra says:

    Just joined the contest. LOVE that bag <3


  177. Nic says:

    I WANT THE BAG SOOOO MUCH!!! email: nicolechui2004[at] BLOG: name: Nicole

  178. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog! Stay update!
    Please enter me! :))

    Vania Samanta

  179. Laura G. says:

    OMG!!! I love it!!
    Your style is amazing!!

  180. Claudi says:

    Such a gorgeous outfit and bag! Would love to own it! It looks essential for my closet/life! <3

  181. runawayinla says:

    What a gorgeous bag! =)
    Liked your fanpage under Kelsey Nguyen & followed you on Twitter under @runawayinla!


  182. Anonymous says:

    i'm glad your photo was the best one :) congratulations!

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  184. tinagirl says:

    I'm following you via Bloglovin: treneebarker at hotmail dot com
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    The bag is divine!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
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  185. themannikin says:

    love your blog, will definitely be checking it regularly! Looking forward to your future inspirations :) And great bag too, crossing my fingers!!
    xx Kailee

  186. Thanks for letting me know about this giveaway! What a gorgeous blog you have!
    I am now a twitter follower (CuriouserClare) and a facebook liker :-)
    Also now following you on bloglovin.

    ~ Clare x

  187. Virgit says:

    what an awesome giveaway my name Virgit kisses

  188. Virgit says:

    love this giveaway name Virgit kisses

  189. I'd like to take part too, last minute :D

    you can contact me via in case I win.

  190. Angy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! You are stunning!
    Sadly I have no twitter.

  191. keira3011 says:

    very nice:-) love your blog by the way


  192. Kira Rosario says:

    Love it, want it!

  193. Jael Jimenez says:

    No doubt you won the bag with that pose!
    Love your style, I'm a fan a follower.
    Would mean a lot to me if I win, cause prize is from you!


  194. Stephanie says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog!! And am obsessed with this bag! :)

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  196. Femme Virtue says:

    ooh, hope i can win!

    fb name: Michelle Bon Chic
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  197. Anonymous says:

    Love the Bag and hope I win!

  198. Tamara says:

    Love this outfit! Need this bag!


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  200. eleo.carol says:

    Eleonora Zini

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  201. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog, it's addicting!
    Megan Massey

  202. Grace says:

    Consider me in! I want to win this!! So cute and I love all things leather ;)

    I'm following on everything!

    name: Grace
    blog: Haute Couture

  203. Anonymous says:

    beautiful bag!!!!

    i try :)

  204. Anonymous says:

    you are perfect *.*

  205. Love love love the bag! And your blog of course!


  206. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful and stunning as always! <3

    Martina Trau

  207. wow your style is amazing, I love it all <3 and the bag is adorable, I would kill for it (well not surprising since I barely have any bags) anyway keep up the good work :)

  208. monicad14 says:

    Love lovee your blog and style!!and this is a super awesome giveaway! Please let me win haha!

  209. monicad14 says:

    Love love your blog and style!! This is a super awesome giveaway! Hopefully I'll win??

  210. ZAALI says:

    U r a great fashionista…Love to win this great bag!!!

  211. Sarah says:

    LOVELOVELOVE that jacket, really want it!! Enter me please, xx

  212. Sue says:

    Great bag!

    I've done everything!

  213. Sue says:

    Great bag!!!!

    Donde everything!

  214. Kimber_av says:

    Enter Enter Enter. this purse is amazing. I don't know if I am supposed to enter more than once. so I'm doing twice just for good measure. =]

  215. Kimber_av says:

    I think I posted the comment incorrectly =[ doing it again. My apologies if they all show up.

    looove the bag. & your blog!!

  216. Fashion Loop says:

    I love your Blog! You have outstanding style :) I adoreeeee the bag!
    Bruna Santana
    Twitter: Scheyne

  217. getpalmd says:

    All steps done – Bloglovin followed and hearted, Sara Näse on FB and @getpalmd on Twitter! Lovely pic btw!

  218. Anonymous says:

    Love this style!
    Shopcharchar @

  219. Tee says:

    I got in just in time!!

    1) I Follow you on Bloglovin'!
    2) I'm a fan of your facebook page by clicking (name: Tina Maria) and follow you on twitter (@Mumzymum).

    Gorgeous bag (and I love that photo)!!

  220. Vittoria says:

    love this! how sweet of you! i've done it all xx

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