Giveaway!!!! Win the “The cheyenne” bracelet here!!

Giveaway!! To win this amazing bracelet I designed with my amazing friend/ jewelry designer Franchesca of Lucky Flirts:

1.) follow me on bloglovin here

2.) like my facebook page here!!!.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your email!! :) and i’ll post the winner at the end of the month!! yay!!
you can read more about the bracelet after the pictures!

i’m so excited to introduce the bracelet that my friend/celebrity jewelry designer francesca ramirez of lucky flirts and i created special for my blog as part of her jewelry line.
we wanted to keep it earthy,it’s made with real pyrite chunks and real turquoise. all the charms are hand picked real silver, stones, and gold dipped pieces. it looks like a bunch of bracelets but its really one that wraps around your wrist. i’m obsessed with this its so amazing!! the pictures don’t even do it justice!
a little about lucky flirts: sold at top boutiques around los angeles like intermix, kitson and traffic. francescas pieces have been seen on celebrities from megan fox, paris hilton, david beckham and joe jonas to name a few. she makes mens jewelry too and also unisex pieces. any of her designs are available to buy online by sending an email to!

If you just can’t wait for the giveaway and want one now, or for more info please send me an email to and and we will set it up through paypal. Giving a discount to anyone that came from my blog!
May 1, 2011
May 1, 2011

Giveaway!!!! Win the “The cheyenne” bracelet here!!


  1. I absolutely love this giveaway! I really wanted one of these anyway! Is your all turquoise one with the hanging tooth from the same place?

    Look forward to the outfit post!

  2. Julia says:

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  3. .shea marie. says:

    yes all from the same girl! she's awesome!!

  4. Nene says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! I'm totally in (:
    I love this piece but I must say I like the entire portfolio.

    My name is Irene
    My email is:

  5. Bonnie Doege says:

    I am actually in LOVE with this bracelet! so yes I'm definitely entered, my email is :) xxx
    p.s. tell your friend that she needs to open a store in Sydney! xxx

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love it!
    Ana Bozovic

  7. holly lena says:

    the bracelet is stunning!
    i wish these were sold in london!

    holly parsons

  8. wow girl so fabulous that i have discovered your blog!!! I am not into the bohemian style but i love it when it is perfect in his style like purse en boots and oracle fox. so you are my new favorite in that list. so colorful and the way you combined your clothing with the accessories, just perfection. oh and always the perfect setting, so definitely following

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ksenija Osmajić

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great giveaway!!!! The bracelet is so beautiful!!!

    Gio (:

  11. Shasie says:

    A gorgeous bracelet! I liked on all three!!

  12. Pia says:

    This one's perfect! Love Turquiose!



  13. Lavinia says:

    I love this bracelet, I love your style, I love your blog! It's like fresh air in a monotonous and globalized fashion world!
    Love from Italy!

    Lavinia Chiodi

  14. Ellen says:

    Found your blog yesterday (!!!) and it was like the best eastern gift!
    So from now on; Sweden loves u!


  15. Amazing jewelry!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway <3

    Samantha Nandez

  16. Sigrid says:

    this is crazy amazing! I cant believe that you designed it and such! I would love to win it!

    and i agree with ellen. I am from sweden and I love you. so there are two swedes =) haha

    love Sigrid Forsythe

  17. Anonymous says:

    I love the bracelet, although there are lots of nice ones on the website.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I love this giveaway, it is amazing!!
    My name is Sabrina
    And my email is:

    Thank you so much!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Love this giveaway!

    My email:

  20. super duper fallin love with this bracelet!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    this is amazing, I hope i'll win so I could have something really wonderful for my girl!
    these all look great!
    My name is : Mike
    my email is:

  22. BethhyL says:

    This is gorgeous! :) would love to win!

    Beth –

  23. Sarah says:

    loveee her stuff!! followed all the steps liked, tweeted and followed!!
    i love the one in the picture but i also really like the pink and white one and black and white one on the first page of the portfolio page as well!

    name – Sarah Miller
    email –

  24. Alessandra says:

    This giveaway is totally awesome!!!! That would be just perfect for my "metropolitan" style since I live in Milan (Italy) and as you can guess fashion is everything here. I always try to get some inspiration from you and your amazing blog to make my style more unique: we don't have the ocean and the beaches over here but I'm 100% in love with your taste when it comes to fashion and thanks to you I can bring a lil bit of L.A. in Milan. I would love to show off the bracelet you're giving away and to promote you and your blog in my country (even if I'm already doing it!!!). Also, if you choose me and send me the bracelet I'll be sending you some tiramisu, pasta, pizza and Nutella! LOL Just kidding. Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Keep it up girl, you're the coolest fashion blogger around! Lots of amore from Italy. Ciao!

    Alessandra —>

  25. Emily Anne says:

    amazing. i love her designs so much.
    i would LOVE this piece.

    GFC: Emily Anne
    FB: Emily Anne
    BL: Trendyleopard
    TW: @emilycouture14


  26. Coral says:

    Name: Coral Arratia

    I would like the same piece you have!

  27. Chandra says:

    LOVE this bracelet but I'd love to get the pink & white bracelet with the hanging skull & "faith" from the 1st page of portfolio. Also like the black & pink bracelet with the hanging black heart. Both are amazing & would love to win either :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Email: fsufashiongirl [at] gmail [dot] com
    Twitter: @FSUfashiongirl
    BlogLovin: prettyfirex21 [at] gmail [dot] com

  28. Megan says:

    I'm am so excited for you that you got to design your own piece, I've been wanting to get one of her pieces! This bracelet truly captures the essence of you! Absolutely in love with it!

    Name:Megan Koslan

  29. Lasha says:

    This jewlery is so beautiful. I love it! Thank you for htis giveaway!


  30. fifinne says:

    awesome :)
    FB: fanni debreczeni
    TW: captainfifinne
    BL: aninidebreczeni[at]gmail[dot]com

  31. Michelle says:

    You are so beautiful, I´m so glad I found your blog! And what about this giveaway? This bracelet is totaly amazing, I love them all.

  32. Meagan E says:

    I have been dying over these lucky flirts bracelets since forever & am beyond excited to see you are giving one away! They are ALL absolutely amazing, it is so had to choose just one. I truly do love each and everyone, and whichever one I won I would be completely head over heels for. Thank you for this opportunity, thank you for writing this blog and just thank you for being you and being an inspiration.

  33. Stacey says:

    Such an awesome giveaway! These bracelets are beautiful! I just joined twitter so I could enter!!


  34. sara says:

    totally LOVE this giveaway! :D

  35. scsemcrise says:

    OMG, I love your giveways!! They are the best :)
    Hope I win this time lol

    name is Agatha Santos

  36. these bracelets are absolutely amazing xx

  37. allierica says:

    love the bracelet! & your style!


  38. Lily says:

    Love it !!!


  39. Elle says:

    I LOVE the bracelet (I entered the giveaway), and i LOVE your ring! where did you get it?

  40. jenna says:

    i love this piece so much i HAD to enter!!!

    Jenna N

  41. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on the bracelet, it's gorgeous!
    I'd love iiit :)
    my name is Reni Gergely and my e-mail address: .
    lottsa love

  42. Rosa Pel says:

    love your jewerelly

  43. Cesca says:

    Hi there! My name is Francesca Rizzo and I would LOVE the piece you're wearing! It's absolutely beautiful =) My email address is <3

  44. annalap says:

    wow…i just discovered your blog for lookbook!!!
    I'm new in the blogs world…i just started one too!
    I really love your style…it looks great!!
    Thanks for this giveaway!!! I have no words for the bracelet…it's simply amazing!

    I'm Anna Anisa Lap on FB and my mail is!!
    Just in case I win..:P

    Take care,

  45. Pick me :)


    I was on the LuckyFlirts site last night and was so incredibly bummed to see there wasn't a shop up yet.. I was literally drooling over every single piece after looking at numerous outfits of yours on Lookbook.

    That is SO cool that you designed this piece, and it is absolutely gorgeous Shea!
    I'm o b s e s s e d with this one or any of the turquoise pieces that have a bit of red incorporated. Ah, seriously.. to die for.

    I would highly suggest Francesca look into expanding her line to parts of Orange County.. especially Huntington Beach/Laguna area. I can definitely see it doing extremely well here.

    I'll be dreaming of her jewelry 'til the day I get my hands on one of the pieces.. I don't think I'd ever be able to take this one off, ha.
    Following on bloglovin/twitter/facebook and tweetin' about it right now!

    I don't know how else I can express how much I LOVE this bracelet.. and it would mean the world to me to wear a piece designed by you. :)

    Here's to hoping!
    xx chelsea

    chelsealexton @

  47. Ps. Congrats on the 1000+ followers on bloglovin! Yeeee, that's so exciting.
    You are definitely one of my biggest inspirations and I creep on your wardrobe daily for ideas on styling/whatnot..

    Okay, well maybe creeps not the best word to use, ha. But you know what I mean :)

  48. this is absolutely gorgeous!!

  49. Sophia says:

    colors and jewelry are absolutely amazing in this photo, so bohemian and freesprited!

    xx, sophia

    & check out my giveaway :)

  50. annaversary says:

    I love LuckyFlirts! They're one of my favorite jewelry brands.

    Love the piece you're giving away, can never have too much turquoise ;)

  51. Nicole says:

    amazing giveaway cheyenne!

    name: Nicole C

    my blog:

  52. Francesca says:

    OH my!!! I would definitely wear all of their jewelery. LOVE THIS so much and you did a beautiful job. So inpired!!
    I would love any piece with black and turquoise (the ones with the big black stone) and the one you helped with of course!!!
    already following!
    Name: Francesca F :)

  53. Amanda says:

    This bracelet is amazing!!! I love the turquoise and indian feel to it!!

  54. Tessa Keskinen says:

    Absolutely gorgeous bracelet, and amazing blog. I'm loving your style!

  55. This is a great giveaway
    I found you on lookbook and immediately FANED you, then checked out this gorgeous blog of yours and is now a new FOLLOWER. Then just LIKED you on facebook.
    You're absolutely gorgeous

  56. This bracelet is absolutely amazing! I am and always will be a true advocate of turquoise because let's be serious — it makes everyone smile! Such a great giveaway! Thanks for being you and sharing your creativity and fabulous sense of style with the world! :)

    -Chelsea Briggs

  57. Charlene Parker says:

    Bracelet is absolutely stunning! Couldn't ask for a better piece.

    Would love nothing make than to win this,

    xoxo Charlene P.


  58. mandy gemma says:

    name : Mandy Gemma

    liked on facebook following on twitter/tweeted tweet & following on bloglovin

    LOVEEE thesee braceletss they are sooo cute <3


  59. Marina says:


    xx Marina

  60. SAM says:

    I totaly love it

    Samanta Duarte

    i hope i won it *-*

  61. loretta says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. loretta says:

    enter me please!
    I follow your blog via GFC-loretta

  63. Cara says:

    Absolutely amazing giveaway…Your friend is an amazing designer! I do not have facebook, but have done the rest!
    xo Cara

  64. si1ent-ange1 says:

    Wow its all amazing! i wish there was more stuff like this in the uk!

  65. Kristin says:

    love the bracelet and LOVE love love the shirt.

  66. Kate Long says:


    And unfortunately my name has unwillingly been changed to kate shlong on Facebook

  67. mymie says:

    Love the bracelet, the turquoise and black is really growing on me thanks to you!

    Tweeted, liked, and long followed on bloglovin!

    Name: My

  68. Stunning!! I did all three.. Such an amazing giveaway! Loving your LA style on the East coast :)

    Ashley Johnson

  69. We found your blog through lookbook…and we love it! Such beautiful posts. You have great style! Following…. =)


  70. maja says:

    This bracelet and the shop are awesome!
    I did the three things :)



  71. I love the bracelet!!!

    Courteney Fox

  72. ashley h says:

    done & done! thank you for the lovely give away!! the bracelet is incredible, yay for you!! :) keep your creative juices flowing, i am loving everything about your blog!!

    Ash xx

  73. Anonymous says:

    I'm in love with this giveaway! fingers crossed!!!!! :)
    Sharon Conti

  74. Anonymous says:

    Love it!
    My email:!

  75. This is so cute! i love that you put effort in to make each charm count! I had to try and win this <3

    My name is Kristen Muha

  76. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! Turquoise is my favorite stone.

    Name: Felicia Willes

  77. Aya says:

    I absolutely love the bracelet and I would love to own it!!! I hope I win!!

    My name is Aya and my email is


  78. Jaylen Moore says:

    This bracelet is essential for my wardrobe!!! I MUST OWN IT!!! Moving out west this summer, i have become obsessed with boho outfits and cannot wait to wear them all!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your style :)


  79. Anonymous says:

    Great giveaway! Love it;**

    Beata Andrzejczak

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. m.marie says:

    LOVE it, your blog rocks! This line would be great in my boutique in Florida ;)
    <3 M

  82. jnc says:

    Love this piece! You can totally see your style in it! Would be a great accessory to add to any look!!
    Fingers crossed!

  83. Micaela says:

    love this giveaway! all the bracelets are amazing, i love both the red and turquoise and the light brown and turquoise! congrutalions they're beautiful! hope i get it :)
    Micaela Orellana

  84. Anonymous says:

    IM OBBSESSSEDDDDD!!! ahhhhh… cant even explain!

    Kayla Boxberger

  85. Anonymous says:

    ahh so gorgeous, definitely reposted :]
    i'm mariel.
    mariel.cullen [at]

  86. Jessica J. says:

    I love how it's one bracelet. The turquoise is gorgeous!
    I better win!!!

  87. just showed my mother this bracelet and she flipped.. practically called dibs on wearing it.
    HA, as if I would ever take it off.

    dreammmmmmin' of this bracelet!

  88. Awesome bracelet!
    It really is cool and unique.
    I can only hope I get it!

  89. Jessica Jalal says:

    Simply Beautiful!!!

  90. Chantalle says:

    The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the natural elements & especially the tiny skulls. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones too.

    Just started following your blog over a month ago, I happen to run into it on lookbook. Anyway, love living & growing up in Miami, but unfortunatly have not been very moved by the fashion down here. I appreciate your blog bc you are a breath of fresh air & have killer style. You can be a 60s bohemian midwestern queen one day, and rocker chic the next.

    I have been fancying for an accessory piece like that for a while and would love to own it. I've already thought about 10 different outfits that would look amazing with lol. Its very versatile, might I add. Looks awesome with flowy chiffon and would also work well with combat boots :)

    I've deactivated my FB, so I shall twitter you. All the best….

  91. Missy says:

    Oh wow, that bracelet is so beautiful! I saw it on lookbook and wanted to know where you got it…who knew you were giving one away! OMG! Lushness! Love you and your blog!

    Love Danielle

  92. Lovely giveaway!!!
    Beautiful bracelet.. i want to win ;)

    Peace & Love

  93. Lilith Syleh says:

    I love it! It's perfect :)

    Name: Claudia Rosas

  94. artemis says:

    love the bracelet!hope win it! name: artemis zacharopoulou

  95. Anonymous says:

    how gorgeous and perfect and sweet can one bracelet be?

    Name: Honora Wood

  96. JoannaL says:

    those are gorgeous!

    name: joanna
    email: e.andreatorishaye at

  97. Morgan says:

    Name: Morgan

    i love these so much! Lucky Brand is one of my favorites!

  98. Jenni says:

    Three little steps to bliss. Love this giveaway.
    name: jennifer
    e-mail: jenchkii at gmail dot com

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. Anonymous says:

    wow!all the bracelets are amazing!
    I'm in love with one with a big turquoise cross!

  101. Tri▲ngle says:

    i already follow you on twitter and bloglovin!
    i hope to win!good luck

    Beatrice Vita

  102. fostaaah says:

    That bracelet is amaze! Such an awesome giveaway! I don't think I'd ever take it off haha

    Christina xo

  103. Miki says:

    lovely giveaway! pick me :) (i've done all the requirements)

    have a great weekend!

  104. Ariana says:

    I love this so much! It would be attached to my arm, it is so cute :)!

  105. Sara says:

    I love your blog, I look forward to it every night after work! The bracelet is gorgeous!


  106. Anonymous says:

    Hey your blog is awesome and you are my style inspiration , I think I am your biggest french fan ! I really hope you'll come to Paris soon, I'd love to meet you and talk about fashion :)
    Oh and this Cheyenne bracelet is AMAZING! I love the 6th bracelet of the portfolio,
    Hope I'll win it :)


  107. Anonymous says:

    may hisham

  108. Anonymous says:

    Meg parsley

    Let me just say u r my wardrobe's inspiration!!!

  109. i seriously had a dream where i was wearing this bracelet.. or at least it looked like it.

    is that weird? yeah, it probably is.
    or maybe it was just deja vu? ha, seriously DYING for this bracelet.

    i'm gonna stop now before i sound ever weirder…

  110. shea, I love your blog! your outfits always look so perfect! the pictures look like they come out of the VOGUE!
    great that you make a GIVEAWAY! I love these bracelets, they match perfectly with a vest that I've bought last week!

    I will follow you for a long time on Bloglovin and Google and "Like" cms on facebook! I'm also a fan on!

    My e-mail:
    Name: Leonie B.

  111. Man. I just have to post again to tell you how beautiful this bracelet is. I'm a huge fan of natural stones and have to drive 2 hours to the nearest store in my area that sells them. You've paired up beautiful stones that compliment each other so well. kudos to you. this bracelet is AMAZING.

    kimberly varner

  112. Man. I just have to post again to tell you how beautiful this bracelet is. I'm a huge fan of natural stones and have to drive 2 hours to the nearest store in my area that sells them. You've paired up beautiful stones that compliment each other so well. kudos to you. this bracelet is AMAZING.

  113. bravegrrl says:

    love it! it's so gorgeous!!!!


  114. i absolutely love it! that's my favourite colour!

  115. Nici says:

    What a great giveaway!
    Looks so nice! Want to have it :)


  116. Girlllll, do you do the artwork for you blog or have someone do it? Cuz your Cheyenne Giveaway bracelet banner is absolutely beautiful!

  117. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love this giveaway!!!

    I want it!!!!

  118. Anonymous says:

    this is just the perfection!!

    xoxo from france!

  119. Mazzi says:





  120. love love love all this bracelet. the ones on the website are gorgeous too, i've looking for something similar for ages :)


  121. Julia says:

    Wow! Wow! Amazing giveaway!

  122. Giulia says:

    hi!!! i love this bracelet!!!! how much????

  123. Giulia says:

    HI!!! I LOVE THIS BRACELET!!!! HOW MUCH???? my mail is

  124. Sofia Grillo says:

    Fantastic bracelet!!
    My name is Sofia Grillo and my mail is

  125. Anonymous says:

    i love this bracelet !!!

    Katarzyna Krupa

  126. Silje Trollnes says:


    my email is:

  127. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! :)

    Giorgia Zanchi

  128. Anonymous says:

    the bracelet is stunning!


  129. Anonymous says:

    This bracelet is very beautiful!

    my email:

  130. Majo says:

    Would love to win this pretty bracelet! I liked on facebook and also am a followre now. My email is :)

  131. Anonymous says:

    Amazing!!!! Love it :-)


  132. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful bracelet!!!! My name is Francesca and my email is

  133. Anonymous says:


    veronica todeschini

  134. I want it!!!!!!!


  135. chiara says:

    beautiful bracelet!!!
    chiara righi

  136. Anonymous says:

    Giulia Zampedri

  137. Hila ♥ says:

    Beautiful ♥.♥
    Hila Gaggioli

  138. Anonymous says:

    i so love you … you are so boho.hugs..georgiana gia mail

  139. Anonymous says:

    I really like it… speacially because it makes me feel like in the summer the whole year! Beatriz

  140. Anonymous says:

    I love your style and you !!! I love this bracelet and your design/quality.

    My email is :
    Furthermore, I just want to say I love your style and your very much. I hope one day I can reach the success you have in your life with your blog( I'm a blogger myself).
    And thank you for sharing your style and inspiration with all the fashion lovers around the world . I appreciate you and look up to you <333
    Thank you again

  141. Woowwwww, so nice bracelet!!
    I follow you in Bloglovin like PAULA MUIÑOS (
    Mail: paupanete@hotmail.copm or

    Kisses & thaks for this giveaway!!

  142. Anonymous says:

    love, love LOVE the bracelet!!!! I' ve done both! hope i win it!!:)

  143. Anonymous says:



  144. Anonymous says:

    Great giveaway!!

  145. Anonymous says:

    Great giveaway!

  146. Anonymous says:

    Love it so much!!! Would love to get it in time for my birthday!!

  147. They're lovely!
    Mone Andreea from


  149. Anonymous says:

    I love these bracelets! crossing my fingers.

    Cheyenne Polhemus:

  150. Anonymous says:

    I love these bracelets!


  151. Anonymous says:

    It's worderful!

  152. Anonymous says:

    Giulia Giacalone
    Gorgeous bracelets :)

  153. Anonymous says:

    a must have !!

    Ca Blun

  154. elisa says:

    Thank you very much for thi giveway…

  155. Anonymous says:

    looooove the bracelet <3

    already a bloglovin' follower!
    liked your fb

  156. Anonymous says:

    I love The cheyenne" bracelet!

  157. Lourdes says:

    Hi Im Lourdes all the way from Spain…I absolutley love your blog and the bracelet is gorgeous…I hope I win haha..I followed the instruccions and know I'm posting this comment with my email. Thanks so much

  158. bluevogue says:

    awesome giveaway
    xx. rikki @ hotmail . com
    Ofcourse without the spaces.

  159. Anonymous says:

    this is lovely!!! well done!

  160. Anonymous says:

    Giulia Giacalone

  161. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely an amazing bracelet! I wish to be the winner :)

  162. Frenn says:

    It's wonderful <3

  163. Thank you for the giveaway and to introducing me to bloglovin, I've never used their service before. I'm following and liking you : ) Looking forward to pairing this gorgeous bracelet with my turquoise earrings. jen7maples at gmail dot com

  164. Ilaria says:

    Amazing! love it!

  165. COCOColette says:

    I want it!!!!!! SOOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!

  166. wow! love the bracelet it is so cute!
    I come from Sweden and im only 12 years old, it would really be so cool to win it!
    my email:
    if you want you can visit my blogg here –>
    but i only write in swedish so i dont know if you would understand anything.
    really love your blogg! :D <3<3
    lots of hugs!

  167. Anonymous says:

    i absolutly love it! <3

  168. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog!, keep it up,I want to enter the giveaway!


  169. Patricia says:

    Gorgeous ! I love everything about it :) I can't stop scrolling down your blog, dear Shea !



  170. Julia says:

    I love this! Your style is exactly the same as mine, its so cute, I adore it allll. Loveeeinn.
    So presh

  171. christinean says:

    beautiful design. I love your blog! you have amazing style.

  172. AMY Saunders says:



  173. a quintessential piece for summer! it's gorgeous and I LOVE the mix of charms, turquoise and pyrite.

  174. Anonymous says:

    I originally found you through and instantly fell in love with your style. I'm constantly checking your blog for inspiration! :) Thanks for helping me to transition for fashion challenged to style savvy.

    – joey

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