HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! So I just got home from Las Vegas. So exhausted. I’ve been to Vegas a million times and this was by far the best trip, mainly because of the phenomenal Jay Z/ Coldplay concert where Kayne West, Beyonce, John Mayer and Rhianna were all surprise guests. It was a private concert for the opening of the new Cosmopolitan hotel. I’ve only posted a few pictures but I will most more this week. I wore this amazing Brian Lichtenberg dress and I’m sad I barely got any pictures in it because we were having too much fun to take pictures. Usually we always fly to Vegas but decided to road trip it this time and the pictures below were us stopped on the way in a little town in the desert. (I wanted to be comfy but cute of course in the car ride, so above I’m wearing a knit sweater by Millau, nine west military boots, lf fleece leggings, indian beaded necklace from lucky brand, tylie malibu leather cuffs and my jj winters fringe purse)

i’ll post the rest of the pics soon but for now i need to sleep! :)
wishing everyone the best in this new year!


  1. Amanda says:

    Awesome photos! Wow! Those are some pretty amazing surprise guests. I think I would have died!

    Happy New Year! luckynumber3.com

  2. Samantha says:

    you look beautiful! your necklace is gorgeous. vegas must have been insane :) happy 2011!! i have the boots btw aren't they amazing?! i have posted them in an outfit on my blog too if you wanna look! (new year, new light post)


  3. just find out your blog!

    love that pics!

    have a good year!!

    The Fashion Coffee

  4. sbot says:

    These are beautiful. Im so happy I found you on Lookbook today.

    Im your newest follower! Hope youll like to check out my blog and maybe follow me too : )



  5. AL says:

    I loved the purse and the necklace, they are amazing!!
    I really enjoy your blog, probably I will visit every time!!

    Hope you have a huge 2011!

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