(shorts carmar, belt vintage, bag brandy melville, top f21, boots vintage)

So yesterday I went to the garment district in downtown LA to go fabric shopping. I’m going to make pillow cases and sheets for my room. I found the most amazing multi-colored, native american inspired, print fabric. I also stopped by Olvera St in downtown and picked up a few fun things like colored skulls and friendship bracelets. We had a couple of margaritas and I actually payed 5 dollars to sit on this donkey and take a picture and it didn’t even come out good! But i had to share anyways! Olvera St is a colorful mexican marketplace on a little cobblestone street… not very typical for Los Angeles. I really fit right in with my mexican inspired top and I actually can speak Spanish as well, I went to a school where I learned half english and half spanish so there’s a little fun fact about me :) Just wanted to share these pictures with you incase you visit los angeles it’s a fun place to see.
Happy friday everyone! Have an amazing weekend

June 15, 2011
June 20, 2011



  1. Wow you learned English and Spanish. That is impressive. The picture on the donkey came out great. I really like it. When you're done making the pillow cases I would love to see the results.

  2. love your top!

    xo galmeetsglam.com

  3. emc says:

    love olvera st. went on so many field trips there as a kid!


  4. Lola says:

    Such colorful fun pics! Love your top. I haven't been to Olvera Steet in awhile. Have to go again soon.

  5. dunin-blog says:

    wow! this place looks amazing! and it's sooo you.
    the small guitar is so cute :D but talking about more paractic things… friendship bracelets became my inspiration so in a few days i'll make some myself with a touch of my style and i'll show them on my blog so i'll tell you because your post will be linked as the inspiration ;)


  6. GENIAL! Insipiración nativa!
    Me encantan las mini-calaveras de colores…me parecen preciosas para hacer una pulsera!

    (Don't mind if I speak Spanish..I guess! :) )

    XX, Núria

  7. Lily says:

    Gorgeous shots !! Love the bright skulls and your cute top ! I just posted about friendship bracelets today…really cute !!


  8. Olvera Street is always so fun to visit. Your kimono top is so beautiful. Love how playful the pictures look.

    ♥, Jamie

  9. Gorgeous outfit! I love everything you're wearing : your boots, your bag, your bracelets, your shorts… xxxx


  10. Tonya says:

    I just adore your bohemian style. The top is soo pretty, i want!


  11. Patricia says:

    Beautiful and inspiring !

    Lots of love,


  12. Michelle Lee says:

    5 bucks oh wow
    but cute looks :)


  13. Stacey says:

    Looks like a fun street to visit! Love the picture on the donkey!



  14. weasel says:

    These photos are so beautiful, so many colors!
    And you look amazing in this top.


  15. It looks cool. I hope to visit LA in the near future!
    I love your bracelet with silver & beads. It's really original. And the top! It makes me think of Greece, really fresh.

  16. leonie says:

    great cutoffs bella!



  17. great post with funny photos beauty! i hope you'll show us your pillow cases and sheets !

    xoxo from france

  18. Thrift_Queen says:

    jealous of your amazing top :)

  19. so funny photos. I love that outfit so simple but so nice !!!! I wonder if you found anything for your pillows ? Must be a great place with all this colors. regards katerina

  20. Oh my goodness, these pictures are adorable and they SCREAM FIESTA. I'm obsessed with the Carmar shorts, allllllmost bought a pair last time I was at LF. And I looove all the color bracelets and whatnot.

    Your styling never ceases to amaze me.

  21. Madeleine says:

    great blog. wonderful outifts

  22. Jenny says:


    if youre looking for another good fashion, makeup, and lifestyle blog!

  23. SAMANTHA says:

    love this outfit you're gorgeous. i made some bracelets I think you would love, I've been following you since the start of my blog you are such an inspiration – and I have a feeling you'll really love them. I don't mean to advertise at all I just want you to see them and give me your feedback, they're posted on my blog :) p.s. I need to write down all these awesome markets you go to when I visit LA soon!!!



  24. had no idea this was all in downtown. I'm going at the end of the month, and I'm definitely going to have to stop by oliver street. love all of the colors!!

  25. Shasie says:

    I love that top!!

    Live Life in Style

  26. Alessandra says:

    Love your top <3

  27. pinkmate says:

    nice photos! it's so colorful there, i will try to remember where you went, i will definitely go there when i visit LA. I love your top!



  28. Cara says:

    I love these photos! So fun and colorful, definitely looks like you are in a different place than LA! Love the bracelets and your shirt is beautiufl!
    xo Cara

  29. Kelly Renee says:

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  30. Kelly Renee says:



  31. Lauren says:

    Me encanta tu estilo y tus photos!!!

    beautiful beautiful!!!

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