Hollywood Nights

(Me: dress For Love & Lemons, bag Alexander Wang, necklace Shay, sunnies Prada, shoes Sigerson Morrison
Caroline: shirt/shorts DVF, shoes Gucci, feather jacket vintage Dior of Diana Vreeland’s
Jess: shirt Zara, belt Maje, shoes Schutz, pants Growze, sunnies Karen Walker, Louis Vuitton wallet)

I’m sure most of you know that I live in Hollywood, California. To me it’s just a normal city. I wake up, I go to work, go to the grocery store, the gym, do laundry; just like anywhere else in the world. But to everyone else looking in… they see 360 days a year of sunshine, rows of palm trees, beautiful people, celebrities, and wealth. A city full of dreams and aspirations, known for it’s glitz and glamour; fame and fortune.
Saturday night a few of my friends and I decided to try and capture this perception in a fun paparazzi photo shoot project. We shot along Sunset Blvd, in front of liquor stores, strip clubs and motels.
We wanted it to be flashy and over the top. I really hope you all enjoy the photos! It’s a lot different than my normal posts but I thought it was a fun change.

On another note I’m headed to NYC tomorrow for an event Thursday night with shoe brand Schutz… I’ll share more details tomorrow (and it’s for a good cause) so I hope to see some of you Thursday night in NYC. Keep it open!! Location: 655 Madison Ave.

Photos by Cavan Clark. Thanks to my co models and amazing friends Caroline and Jess.


  1. Cassie says:

    I love this shoot! It’s so different from your normal style (not that I don’t love that too). The glamour is fun to play in sometimes. Where are your gloves from?!

  2. Winter says:

    So glamorous!! I swear one of your friends looks just like Blake Lively! xoxoxo W


  3. Styleclouds says:

    The photos are amazing and you girls look fabulous!! xo, Christina


  4. Amanda says:

    I love the feather bolero! so glammy!

  5. Liz says:

    I love these looks! I live in Brentwood!


  6. Stephanie says:

    So glamorous and definitely a change! I love all of ya’lls outfits:)

    Are these photos just for fun or for a particular project you are working on?

    Sequins & Champagne: http://ishowedupinboots.com/2012/11/05/sequins-and-champagne/

  7. B. says:

    Must have been fun to do :) But its an original post.

    new outfit post

  8. omg! it looks awesome!

    xoxo from rome

  9. Meggan says:

    You all look fab! What a fun photo shoot!


  10. Wow! What killer shots. It looks like a Dolce & Gabbana advert! <3

  11. LOVE THIS!! So fun to see the glam, Hollywood side of you! ; )

  12. Liz says:

    Like it! Its different but funny :) And you all look very good & I like the hairs of your friend Jess!
    Very glamorous!! xx

  13. Deanna says:

    Haha, I love it! & your gloves and necklace!

  14. Shay says:

    Love the Glamour! The necklace looks amazing on you!!!

  15. You girls look so fabulous and love, love the photos!

  16. Dip It Black says:

    Stunning pictures! That’s what they call ‘going out in style’!


  17. Mattie says:

    This shoot is sooo fun! That feather jacket is crazy!!!! So cool!

  18. Cristine Arroyo says:

    cool photos! :)

  19. so much fun!


  20. joy says:

    these picutres turned out so well

  21. thepictures are great!

  22. these photos were so much fun! Love everything about them!


  23. Hannah says:

    These photos are absolutely amazing!

    Kisses! xo, H

  24. Jules says:

    very cool Hollywood night pictures !!


  25. Sonia says:

    I´ve liked very much these photos. Yeah, a lot of people have this kind of idea about Hollywood. I also think that it´s a normal city, it really depends on your lifestyle.

  26. Adèle says:

    Love it! California dream!

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