(blouse Equipment, jeans Rag and Bone, shoes Michael Kors, sunglasses Karen Walker, clutch American Apparel)

I’ve been shooting a video in Venice Beach the last few days that I will be sharing soon. Stopped to take a couples pictures of my outfit. One of my favorite things that I’m buying in every color lately are American Apparel’s basic leather clutches. They come in all different colors and sizes. Loving this pale yellow, I also bought a neon orange with hot pink zipper, a beige with red zipper and a black. Fun and affordable! Once again in Rag & Bone jeans- they are my favorite and an electric coral Equipment blouse. It’s bright and fun, but also simple and chic.

To everyone in the Los Angeles area: I wanted to let you know that I’m speaking in this really awesome fashion seminar on March 3rd, alongside Catt Sadler of E!, Brenna Egan editor of Refinery 29, several huge celebrity stylists and other special guests. It’s going to be a really fun day so if anyone is interested you can read about it and get tix here!! XO

P.S. I changed the layout of my blog as I’m sure you noticed- just simplified it a bit. Felt like I needed a little change. :)


the dark side
January 30, 2012
Video: Life in Los Angeles!
February 3, 2012



  1. madhatter says:

    Lovel outfit and photos!

    Follow me <3


  2. this new header is amazing babe, love it!!! I'm a huge fan of these clutch maybe it gonna be my next DIY! ;) This red color is perfect on you! I just wanna go on the beach right now, but here it's so cold, snow is back.. :(

    see you soon,
    xoxo from france

  3. Dominique B. says:

    I just love the top esp. its color! xx

    The Niknok Style

  4. The clutch is such a great color. And the fiery red hue looks remarkable on you. x


  5. you look amazing!!!
    the boots are perfects!!!


  6. L'art says:

    Love your new layout! This blouse looks great on you!


  7. Nice style! This blouse looks amazing on you and I loved her color!
    Beautiful new header :)

  8. Love all of your Equipment blouses! And those pants are to die for. You look amazing! xo

  9. Perpetuity says:

    I love the orangey red shirt with white. It makes it pop even more! Outfit inspiration for me:)


  10. Love the new layout! And your outfit looks great! also a fan of the american apparel clutches.
    These jeans do look great, but I always have a problem with the length since I'm 1m85. How tall are you, and are the legs long?

  11. Tiina says:

    I'm just loving your outfit!! And the new banner is amazing!


  12. Isabel says:

    Aaah first thing I noticed was that you changed your layout :)
    I really really like it! It look fresh ;)
    And your Outfit is amazing, love the red colour.

    xx Isabel

  13. What a perfect combination! Love those colors, and white pants are stunning!

    This is my fashion blog, hope you'll like it :)


  14. Claira M says:

    love your new header! beautiful colour of the shirt :)

  15. diana kang says:

    love the background and the sunnies xx

  16. Michelle says:

    this color looks great on you! so stunning and fresh. we have -15 degrees, so it is just like a heaven to see you only in shirt ;)

  17. Jenna Hughes says:

    love the new layout! so much cleaner. that color looks fabulous on you


  18. Angelina says:

    Magnifique blog, tu es tres belle et j'adore le look !


  19. i love your glasses and this whole combination! sooo great <3 xx
    Golden White Décor

  20. Honorata says:

    Love these jeans, the black zippers on white look so rad!:)


  21. Anisa says:

    You look gorgeous! I love everything about this outfit!!


  22. Vasilieva says:

    red looks absolutely awesome with that white denim


  23. Stacey says:

    I love those AA clutches, I can't wait to see you rocking the other colours!



  24. What a beautiful look… great styling…

    Tanja – PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  25. keira3011 says:

    I really like your glasses

  26. Emily says:

    Love this outfit! It's edgy and I love the zipper details on the pants. And a blonde can never go wrong with red, can she?

    moda + medialunas

  27. You changed the layout! pretty cool!

    This is a beautiful blouse, the colour and the shape.
    Awesome =)

  28. Nastja says:

    ooo…Love the jeans! Just looking for something like this :)



  29. Johanna says:

    Amazing look! xoxo ♥

  30. Greta says:

    Pretty :) You are really awesome :)

  31. You look gorgeous! Love that blouse!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Savannah Marie

  32. Leah says:

    Your hair always looks amazing, but I am really loving the straight waves here.

    xo L.

  33. Loving the header, the clutch and the shirt!

  34. WearAbouts says:

    love your new header! that red top is GORG <3

  35. love it. Red looks great on you and those shoes are amazing!


  36. great mix of colors! and that pants are amazing! where could I find them?¿?¿¿

  37. Beautiful outfit and lovely photos! Your shirt, your clutch and your pants are amazing! xxx


  38. Melina says:

    looove the last pic! beautiful!
    your new header is sooo pretty, well done :))

  39. Vanessa. says:

    Love, love, love all the outfit :D I'll follow you, great blog and great work, congrats!

  40. JOANA says:

    Love the new layout! ♡

  41. wordfrombird says:

    Shea! I love to see you wearing such a bright color. This shirt is so amazing – I want it.

    Thank you for all the effort lovely.

  42. SAMANTHA says:

    love the white background and your header picture now! a lot simpler :) p.s. that shirt is amazing.


  43. Bridgid says:

    love those jeans and sunglasses (big fan of KW!), love this outfit! :)


  44. amazing style! you are beautiful!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  45. Martyna. says:

    You are beautiful women :)
    I follow you.

  46. Love the jeans AND the new lay-out, way better than the old one, in my opinion :) I really like the header! And it's easier to read too ;-) definitely a plus!

  47. Zorian says:

    Love the styling. Great photos. Beautiful orange top.

  48. Diva In Me says:

    Nice outfit! I recently wore something like you too but white top and red leather jeans =)

  49. Kris says:

    I just love your pants! cool!
    nice photos!


  50. evanescent says:

    such a seriously gorgeous combination… i am obssed with that top… gimmeee it!!


  51. Jackie says:

    Gorgeous blouse! I am loving your new layout too!!

  52. i love your blog, I found it on twitter and had to check it out :) i am now following xxx
    mine is http://www.thesequincinderella.com

  53. Love the orange paired with the pale yellow! So hot!!!

  54. Beautiful color, looks great on you! :)


  55. LRB says:

    Love the red and the yellow together.


  56. Jennifer says:

    Great outfit! Love the colours together!

  57. PlaceTrends says:

    Great boots!! BTW I love this rock pieces!!!

    xx alex

    I'm keen on your blog, visit mine??


  58. La Josie says:

    I love your outfit, it's really cool and fashion. I have a project for my blog. I want to do an article with different readers. Every 2 weeks I chose someone for an "interview". The person must talk about her/his outfit, passion for fashion and must-have. If you're ok, send me a comment so I'll explain better.

  59. wow i really like ur colorful blouses :)
    and ur karen sunnies <3
    u totally look so different


  60. AldaCa says:

    I love the contrast between the pants and the shirt! Gorgeus as always!


  61. Sabby Chic says:

    Oh my God, you look really hot yet fashionable in your totally gorgeous outfit. Your dark sunglasses are a perfect match for your smashing red designer blouse. Plus you have the perfect body for those tight white jeans. Now I know what to wear for my best friend's party next week. Love your blog!

  62. FASHION ICE says:

    the colour of your top is gorg!

  63. Wow! Really hottest. Amazing outfits and it suits her so well. The denim she wear is really awesome. I also impressed with her sunglass, footwear and bracelets.

  64. Your red shirt is amazing. Red and white pair is looking so nice. It makes it pop even more! Outfit inspiration for me. Thanks for shear with us.

  65. Michelle Lee says:

    love everything about this outfit! I want those AA clutches too :)


  66. I like your dress. It white and red is great collection of dress. I love your glasses. Everything is awesome in your blog. I impressed by that. Thanks for share with me.

  67. such a seriously gorgeous combination. I am happy with that top. You are looking so cool in this dress. Everything is perfect for the post. I impressed by that.

  68. Jak dotychczas nie spotkałam się jeszcze z tak interesująco przedstawionym tematem.

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