(leather jacket Mango, necklace Mango, top & shorts, LF, boots Matisse)

Guys I need your help!!!!!! Please read :) v v v v
I’m entering Mango’s contest for the search for their new IT girl. Last year it was my lovely friend Andy from Style Scrapbook and I think I’d be a great candidate to succeed her. :) The contest is being done through lookbook so if you all could please take a second hype my looks here it would mean so much to me.
My blog is so important to me and I really spend so much time and effort making it the best I can to be able to share it all with you. If anyone wants to tweet @mango and me (@peaceloveshea) telling them to choose me (only if you really think they should of course :) and i’ll retweet it & follow you ! XX love you guys
Onto my outfit… I’m really feeling the whole fall vibe with these photos. But it’s still so warm in California that wearing shorts is completely acceptable. The color of the sun and the sky right now is by far the most beautiful of the whole year. And it just makes taking photos that much more fun :)

October 1, 2011
sparkle & shine.
October 7, 2011

i need YOU :)


  1. love this outfit! the jacket is beyond gorgeous!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. Casla Twins says:

    love the boots and top

  3. libby says:

    love the leather jacket and boots! so cute!


  4. Lola says:

    This whole look is just beautiful!!! I hyped and gave you my heart on LB. Good luck! You deserve to win:)

  5. beckymonster says:

    gotta love LACE <3

  6. FASHION ICE says:

    that is such a pretty top

  7. weasel says:

    Love the top and boots, amazing!

  8. So desert chic and autumn perfect colors!


  9. Ksu says:

    ohhhhh, love this look!!!! so CA!!!

  10. Voting for you!! Wish you luck!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  11. Naz Isik says:

    This is fantastic, definitely tweeting it! Good Luck Shea!! xx


  12. Lucia says:

    what a beautiful setting for photos, the sky & lighting looks so good. also i love what you're wearing, what a gorgeous top!

  13. Silvertigo says:

    I adore that jacket!

  14. SAMANTHA says:

    You totally deserve it. You look fantastic and always so original.


  15. Marlena. says:

    I love the pictures, the light is incredible!

  16. i LOVE the boots!!!

    xoxo from rome

  17. Stacey says:

    So pretty! Good Luck I hope you win!



  18. Now that's how your rock shorts for the fall!

  19. Totally beautiful, love it!

  20. You look amazing. Loved the hat!


  21. Done! Hyped you,..but not because you are asking for it but because you deserve it! Amazing outfit! Good Luck!


  22. Borjana says:

    Only you could rock this outfit!

  23. let's go with mango beauty! I think you are talented (but you already know it!) so you can be the next it girl! I tweet it right now! ;)
    As always, I love your style! this "cheyenne" outfit is one of your best, and this pics are just stunning!!

    lots of love,
    xoxo from france

  24. Deborah D says:

    love your outfit…..you have my and my friends support
    kiss from Italy
    Fashion review

  25. Michelle Lee says:

    best of luck to you! :)


  26. Elle says:

    nice leather jacket!! :)

    xx Elle from http://talonsetbonbons.blogspot.com/

  27. 6roove says:

    awesome look!
    love these different fabrics, gorgeous layering.

  28. Silvia says:

    Cool outfit!! Love everything!

  29. Low says:

    Hyped!!!!!! You definitely must follow Andy's kingdom! Love your style so much!
    Now I'll tweet you & Mango!
    Tons of luck! 

    Love from Spain!


  30. LOOOVE that top! SO SO Much! ah

    XO Sahra
    PS check out the Hallie Friedman Giveaway on my BLOG!!

  31. Audrey says:

    lovely look! Your top is amazing!


  32. thestyleflux says:

    Great looks! Goodluck on the contest!

    Fashion Blogger

  33. Love the light in these photos, you look amazing! Good luck with the Mango competition! XO Rebecca


  34. FashionFlirt says:

    Stunning photos!

    Check out my blog:


    xxx from germany, Jasmin

  35. Fie says:

    I love the look, it's amazing! You are so lucky you still can use shorts. Here up in the north of Norway we're already wearing our winter jackets outside…

  36. You are a modern day Stevie Nicks…love that caramel leather jacket..


  37. It'd be so nice to see you as the next Mango it-girl.

  38. Sarah G says:

    That top is awesome! xx

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