so i’ve been visiting my family in the countryside of san diego for a few days and the internet connection is terrible here. it takes like 5 minutes for me to load my own blog. that’s something i just can’t handle. haha. so it seems like i’ve been mia. but i’m here in spirit and have lots of things to put up when i get back to hollywood tomorrow. it’s been nice to relax and i have been watching nyfw from a distance since i couldn’t make it. :( on a positive note, i’ve been all day in a little sundress enjoying the 75 degree weather in california, so i’m not all that jealous. haha. here’s a little preview of me hangin out in the country. lots of fun stuff coming up this week, grammy stuff, vegas, etc etc.

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
February 8, 2011
February 13, 2011



  1. Kristen says:

    such a pretty photo. love that dress : )

  2. cathy. says:

    Such a gorgeous photo, in love with that dress.


  3. Emily Anne says:

    such a gorgeous dress and photo in general!
    can;t wait to see the new posts with more pictures!

  4. Love the outfit and the photo is stunning! Xxx


  5. ediot says:

    such an amazing outfit. and your blog is absolutely divine.
    happy weekend

  6. SAMANTHA says:

    that dress is beautiful but i love those boots!!


  7. Sofi Stellar says:

    Well, sounds like you've been having a nice break :) Enjoy!

  8. Catherine says:

    gorgeous picture <3

  9. awesome pic! i love love love this dress *.*

    xoxo,c.a ♥


  10. Sheryl says:

    Absolutely picture perfect!!!



  11. I am Khatu says:

    amazing photo! can't wait to see the rest.

  12. Just beautiful

    KIsses from France.

    Olivia & Mariam


  13. Hey! I just tagged you for the Stylish & Versatile Award. If you want to participate, check out my latest post for details. You look fab btw!!

    Kisses Julia

  14. TheChicPetal says:

    Amazing dress and pic!

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