today was like christmas for me. i was that giddy little kid jumping around so excited. i got this necklace in the mail from the amazing talented ladies of spell jewelry and i am obsessed. it’s my favorite thing i own at the moment. sooooo perfect. oh boy do i wish i had it with me for my desert trip. it’s going to be perfect for coachella though. for those that don’t know coachella… its my heaven. it’s an amazing music festival out in the deserts of california. fringe, bikinis, feathers, jean shorts, blankets, food, drinks, best friends and laying on the grass at night listening to amazing music. i can’t even wait to take pictures in it i had to do the lame take a picture of myself photo just to show how excited i am!! their stuff is amazing and if you haven’t seen it you need to click here now!!!! (
February 17, 2011
February 18, 2011!!


  1. Gosh I'm green! Absolutely in love with all of the Spell girls' amazing creations. Enjoy this beauty X

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is beautiful!!!! I love their designs..

  3. Taylor says:

    Ahh, this necklace is heaven and I love your other necklaces as well.

  4. Spell says:

    !! Oh how cute are you darling!! Thanks for the post! Like I said – that necklace had your name written all over it! And can't believe it's going on a voyage to Coachella!! Woo! Cant wait to see pics : ) X Lizzy

  5. Zuzia says:

    the necklece looks great, have to look for something like this ;)

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