(shoes alexander wang, top torn by ronny kobo, pants bishop of seventh, bag moni moni, scarf aldo, bracelets beso beso)

Shot these photos the other evening going out to dinner with some friends in Venice. Love these trouser pants, and the slouchy masculine feel to them. I like to wear them cuffed up on the bottom and paired with some high boots. To be honest I’ve really never been the biggest fan of navy but these pants have completely changed my opinion. It’s so crazy even to me how quickly my mind changes about what I do and don’t like in terms of fashion and trends. I really don’t even understand it lol. I’m also always drawn to shirts, jackets, dresses, etc that have the shoulders cut out. It makes an otherwise plain long sleeve shirt, fun and fresh. It’s sunday my favorite day of the week. I’m off to spend the day laying on the beach in Malibu and doing absolutely nothing before a busy week starting tomorrow. :) My first mission is to figure out and plan for New York Fashion Week. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and great week! XO


  1. Cylia says:

    your life seems so easy breesy, awesome, great weather and having fun with friends! I love it.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Are you really able to walk in those boots? I own them and they're impossible. I've tried so many times and they are so uncomfortable. Any tips on how you manage?

  3. .shea marie. says:

    Haha I know they are hard to walk in but I manage. Its really tricky walking up or downhill though. LOL gotta stick to straight streets

  4. VALERIE WANG says:

    the scarf looks gorgeous!have a great weekend!xxxxx

  5. Liuse says:

    I like your pants, but shoes as usually look too clumsy.

  6. you have to have a talent to create an outfit like that! the pieces are pretty simple, but the combination is perfect! so much in love with the pants because it is a classic one! you have made it work for you! love love the big big boots and that gorgeous scarf!

  7. wow fantastic outfit, those boots, the scarf, and the hair :D


  8. Stacey says:

    so simple but so pretty and stunning!! Love those pants!



  9. Anonymous says:

    in love with that scarf! ever since i saw it when you were on the plane!!!

  10. Rachel says:

    Love the bag!

  11. Looking great! Such a chic look! The scarf looks great with this outfit ;)


    Fashion Fractions

  12. Rochelle Fox says:

    the shoulder cut out shirt is so great and the pants teamed with it is a winning combo love xx A Fox That Meows ♥

  13. Minza. says:

    Very smart and pretty look! <3
    Rougeberry Fashion

  14. FashionFlirt says:

    I really like your style and this outfit is gorgeous! :)

    xoxo, Jasmin


  15. The silhouette of the trousers look fantastic on you, and adore the exposed shoulder detail on your top! And those Alexander Wang boots! Instant love.

    ♥, Jamie

  16. Kaisa says:

    I love your shots! The scarf looks so cool with that white top and of course big fat heart♥ for Wang's shoes

    xx Kaisa


  17. Trend Steps says:

    Ooooh j'adore the bare shoulders!

  18. you're stunning beauty, your style is just awesome! nothing to add ;)

    see you soon,
    xoxo from france

  19. sara tee says:

    oh wow i love the cut outs on the shirt, small details like that make an outfit so much more interesting.


  20. That Aldo scarf works so well with your look!

  21. polliani says:

    love this outfit, simple but yet so chiq

  22. Laura says:

    U look amazing on these photos ! I love your outfit :) And this scarf is so perfect!


  23. lola says:

    Another great outfit. I love the cut out sweater and the scarf adds such a pop of color. Love the purse too.

  24. Grace says:

    Love your cut out top ;)

  25. Liz Quach says:

    Love the top and the pants look ultra comfy!


  26. So nice! i discover ypur blog few days ago and i love it !

    http://blondiesecrets.blogspot.com (new post with a little icredible place in mex)



  27. Orchid says:

    You are so pretty I am folowing you from now XO Eve


  28. Michelle Lee says:

    love everything you wore!


  29. Shasie says:

    Love it, the cut out shoulders make this look sexy!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway

  30. March says:

    Cool! I like the pants and the shirt!

  31. FASHION ICE says:

    those boots are great for fall!!

  32. adele says:

    Love the shape of the trousers. The cut out shoulder top gives your outfit a sexy edge xoxo

  33. Great top and LOVE those shoes! AMAZING! So pretty!! Have a great week!

    XO Rebecca

  34. You're blog is one of the most beautiful finding!! :)

    Nice job!!
    I follow you now!


  35. Clara Turbay says:

    You look stunning and have a great blog. Congrats.


  36. Rene Braun says:

    You look so beautiful here! Great scarf!


  37. Sarista P says:

    Aside from the stunning photography, it's just how well accessorized you are to really pulls this together, the scarf, the jewelery, it's fantastic!

    Good luck in NYC!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Hey girl…I really love reading your blog but I have noticed that you seem to have the same expression in every picture. I know its more about the clothes than you but I think you should try to mix it up a bit!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I like how you changed the design! it's a lovely change!

  40. your header looks great shea! liking it


  41. Elle says:

    Love the entire look! So casual and chic!

    xx Elle from http://talonsetbonbons.blogspot.com/

  42. Melina says:

    Love your look :)

  43. Lucia says:

    your hair is so pretty. also i am liking the new header at the top of your page!

  44. Stella says:

    oooh you look wonderful and that scarf is beautiful. love the heels!


  45. DirtyDiana says:

    Such a chill outfit, I love it! I am going to try this out for school :)


  46. Bridg says:

    Love the boots! Great ring too – where's that one from? : )

    B xx


  47. Sarah says:

    This is a super cute outfit. I love that gorgeous scarf and I want those pants! Nice job on the accessories and color coordinating. That blue is a good color on you.


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