(top and bag LF stores, jeans and ring free people, gold bracelet thanks to luxla, belt vintage)

in between meetings and getting ready for the weekend i managed to slip in a quick lunch on larchmont with my best friend. one of my favorite parts of LA. Not only does it have LF and a bunch of other cute stores and bakeries, but the larchmont bungalow which is super yummy.
i loveee this new top i got, the bohemian print and the hanging crochet/fringe. it’s perfect. and i picked up these jeans at free people. they actually came in a “long” i was beyond thrilled i can barely ever find jeans i like that are long enough. so yayy!

goin’ bananas
May 21, 2011
May 23, 2011



  1. Shasie says:

    Love this bohemian look! So chic!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Nihmen T. says:

    This is such a gorgeous outfit! I love every single thing you have on!

  3. Lily says:

    Gorgeous photos. Love your top ! And your hair looks great :)


  4. I love this look! That top is so cute :)

    xo galmeetsglam.com

  5. omg this is amazing !! I want this top :) you killed it with this outfit. love that belt by the way !

  6. Marloes. says:

    The jeans fit you perfectly!

  7. Super cute look! Love the jeans!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  8. The top, bag and belt are PERFECTION!!!! :D
    Happy Weekend!


  9. what a blouse what a blouse. the white tassels look so peculiar. i am not a huge fan of nude bellies because most people do not get away with it, it is only okay when you have a perfect belly. like yours. so you have definitely nailed it. love how the jeans fits you perfectly and the amazing length. smashing with the boots. big fan of the colorful bag because it emphasizes your look

  10. s says:

    Loooovely ;)


  11. Michelle Lee says:

    long flare jeans are perfect with great platforms
    love the look :)


  12. MELISSA Z. says:

    cool jeans and amazing top! Love this look so much!


  13. i just can say "wow". this is an amazing outfit!

    xoxo from france

  14. Hanna says:

    you look so pretty! love that top!

  15. Lola says:

    That top is fabulous! You put this whole outfit together so well.

  16. I'm in love with this top! It goes so well with all the accesories you picked.


  17. great pictures and lovely outfit :)

    ♥ yamina

  18. Francesca says:

    those jeans are amazing


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  19. Patricia says:

    FABULOUS ! Those pants are simply gorgeous, I love the bohemian look.
    Keep posting!

  20. Dri Afonso says:

    Hey, darling!
    How are u?
    I'm Dri, a brazilian fashion blogger who have liked to know your blog!
    I want to say that you are on this post on my blog http://www.chatadescarpin.com
    Hope you like it, and hope u can keep in touch as well.

  21. Annie says:

    I love this hippie flare jeans and top. so adorable. you can wear this so great with your long hair.

    X, Annie


  22. Shea-Marie sweetheart, you look so stunning, it's simply breathtaking. That top and those jeans… incredible!!! Everytime I visit your blog (which is all the time) I keep wishing I could write yet another feature about you for Sofis mode, just to showcase all of your new amazing photos. Since I can't, I'll just have to sit at my computer and droole over all the smashing outfits you keep putting together!

    Plus, you have no idea how much I miss LA when I see your photos…

    Much love
    According to Annika

  23. Stunning! Love this look!

  24. Jane says:

    Such a pretty and bohemian look! it fits you!

  25. alicia says:

    Love love this shirt!

  26. Love this outfit! It's simple, yet chic.


  27. Marie says:

    Oh my God! I am SO in love with this outfit! The pictures goes straight in my inspirationfolder on my computer!

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