first off i wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that reads and comments on my blog. i have been getting over 2000 views a day most of the time and i feel so honored. :) for only having my blog for a relatively short time i feel very proud and want to thank everyone! :) l’arte di arrangiarsi -i heard that italian saying means something similiar to the american saying “to make something out of nothing.” although my italian isn’t all that great so i’m not going to bet on it, but anyway as i had posted early this month i really had been wanting a head harness / chain head piece (whatever you prefer to call it) lately. but i just haven’t been able to find one that i liked. so i decided to make my own. i had a pile of old jewelry that i was going to get rid of and i started taking it all apart and adding other pieces from my craft box to it and i created this amazing head harness. i wore it to work in downtown LA on friday and made sure to go out in the street and get some good pictures of it. also wearing some of my other favorite pieces, my fringe knit sweater from LF and my stefanel thigh high boots that i got in italy this september :)
all photos by
(sweater by LF, black crop tee by joie, shorts by work custom, boots by stefanel, stone necklace by mango, cross necklace and head harness made by me :)


  1. Oracle Fox says:

    You have such beautiful style! Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm following now. x

  2. elena-anna says:

    nice headband love ur blog, check out ours, follow us and we will follow you back =)) xx

  3. GOSHHHHHHHH babe loveeeeeeeeeee ur look as hell… tell me how to do that harness for the head?!
    looks stunning!!!
    have a great week!!

    KISSES from NYC

  4. losaway says:



  5. Ayya McFire says:

    beautiful look.
    love the headpiece! great way to reuse old jewellery!

  6. whichlid says:

    Girl, I love your style!

  7. Blackcowboy says:

    wow this outfit rocks, I really love it.

    I guess the italian saying means the srt of creating new art out of different styles and things. Things that normally don't fit together, but with a artistic style you can transform it into bigger and new arts.

    And to be honest with your outfit above you have done well in l'arte.di.arrangiarsi

  8. diana kang says:

    love the headpiece! love how you styled it

  9. .shea marie. says:

    thank you all for all the lovely comments! i read them all and check out everyones blog. always so inspiring. xoxox much love shea

  10. Great DIY. Love the LF fringe sweater too. I always look forward to your outfit posts.


  11. Henar says:

    gooooshhhh I really love this outfit, you look so cool!!!
    Amazing post!

  12. M. R. J. says:

    love the format of your blog, you have amazing taste!

  13. hi! love your blog! and apparently we are neighbors! thanks for all of your amazing comments!!

    ashley <3

  14. Bex says:

    Great outfit, I love the headpiece and jewellery!

  15. jessie says:

    The thigh-highs are fabulous on you.

  16. annierama says:

    your style is really special! Love the jewelry!
    check out my blog ;)

  17. CherryLips says:

    love your outfit!
    visit my blog when you have the chance!

  18. Francesca says:

    wow what a great look you are so pretty!!! love the head chain !! also, let me know if you wanted to follow each other. Have a fabulous day!

    F. (

  19. Anonymous says:

    You need to sreiously consider starting a jewelry line! The pieces you create are amazing. What's your favorite place to shop for jewelry? I'm looking for some good finds in LA:)

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