so i had this collage i made for winter a little while ago and forgot to put it up. so here it is, some great winter must haves and cute stylish ways to keep warm and some pictures below of it in action

from the collage: must have some nordic prints in your winter wardrobe… im loving nordic tights, or jackets. if you live where it snows a fur trapper hat is a must. the black shearling alexander wang booties are to die for. try a pair of suede fingerless gloves for a little more stylish look. chunky knits obviously. earthy colored bags and especially backpacks are so big right now. fur forever scarves like in the picture of me. cool wilderness inspired jewelry like pamela love’s arrowheads. :)

sources: Da Juan for Vogue China Dec 2010
Dewi Driegen for Vogue paris nov 2010

November 17, 2010
November 19, 2010


  1. j calhoun says:

    Iam sooo into fur, right now!! I bought today some stunning fur jackets…. HELLO WINTER hahah

    KISSES Julia

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