life is better in color… that’s not something you’ll hear me say often. i am like the ultimate neutral queen. but i’m loving colored fur. an all neutral/white/black outfit with a fun colored fur coat makes for such great fun. when i say fur i always mean faux fur….of course. definitely a trend for 2011. although in california thick fur coats is the last thing we need right now with 80 degree weather and sunshine. but if i were in the cold or in NY right now, as i know a lot of you are… you know what i’d be wearing :) from the gucci runway, to the streets of new york and the fashion icons we all love colored fur is a def.
(photo tags: mandy from oraclefox, fashiongonerogue, karen from wheredidugetthat, gucci, alexa chung, knightcat)


  1. jeanine romo says:

    Life is totally better in color!! Great photos :)


  2. Molly says:

    Ah, delicious choice.
    I kept hoping to find an enormous fur coat to rock up here among all the North Face and university sweatshirts.

  3. Sveta says:

    molly, i was you about 10 days ago. good luck!

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