San Gimignano

(sweater Zara, jeans Dylan George, boots Zara, scarf Michael Kors, bag Chanel, personalized bracelet Identify, other bracelets Vita Fede, Jennifer Zeuner)

Before heading off to Florence we spent the night in Tuscany and enjoyed a beautiful day exploring the Tuscan countryside. Thank you to the gorgeous hotel Chiani Village Morrocco for the wonderful stay. Breakfast with a view like this. Wow.

Most of the photos are from San Gimiginano- a small walled medieval town. Absolutely gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
Now we are headed off to Florence to spend the weekend with Luisa Via Roma for their Firenze 4 Ever event. Can’t wait!!!

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  1. Nieke says:

    Absolutely love these shots. Plus you look gorgeous. :) Great outfit.

  2. Marta says:

    Beautiful photos, I love the location!
    You look so pretty!

  3. Bri says:

    Great shots! The town looks so so so beautiful.



  4. I love this outfit on you Shea! It’s gorgeous! The boots are beautiful! I was supposed to be in Florence too, but I can’t make it this time! :) :)

  5. Oliver Lips says:

    I’ve been to this small town as well! It’s so gorgeous.

    Have fun in Florence,

  6. Natali says:

    Beautiful photos! Those sunnies and bag are wonderful!

  7. Karo says:

    Love the pictures and your sense of style!:)x


  8. Millie says:

    Looks beautiful!! Love the sweater, boots, pants and everything really!! :)♥

  9. Rachelle says:

    Love this black and brown look, great scarf and amazing pics.


  10. sascha says:

    Tuscany looks stunning! What a perfect place to spend the first few days of 2013.
    You should visit Verona if you can- its one of my favourite Italian citys =)


  11. Jasmin says:

    Shea you look amazing. I Love your shoes and the chanel purse:)

  12. I’ve spent almost all my Summers in Italy since I was a child but never been to Tuscany!! I’m so looking forward to it!

  13. Sara :) says:

    LOve this city and your outfit, ENJOY !

    Love from Barcelona :)

  14. What a nice place , I looove Italy

  15. Lilli says:

    Love your color’s combo, these photos are all too great:) xo

  16. Kenzie Lee says:

    The backdrop of the Tuscan countryside is gorgeous! I’ve never been but would love to go!

    X Kenzie

  17. Kristen says:

    Loving the outfit and all that, but I really just can’t get over the location of these shots! I’d kill to be in Tuscany right now!

  18. Kate says:

    Oh my god, it’s so ridiculously beautiful there. I’m going to make it an aim of mine to go this year – I’m only in the UK, so I feel as though it’s a crime I haven’t been already. LOVE your outfit by the way.

  19. emma says:

    Great outfit! loved everything from the sweater , scarf to the chanel bag.
    enjoy your time there.

  20. emma says:

    Great outfit and great photos!
    enjoy your time there.

  21. Alexa says:

    gorgeous pictures ! i love your necklace and boots ! you look fab ! Have a great time !! :) x

  22. Liz Tremaine says:

    gosh what a place! it looks so romantically & historically. And I really like your outfit with the colors it fits very good to the location! :)

    first week of the year in photos here .. (maybe you’ll take a look)

  23. Christina says:

    I love that sweater a LOT and I enjoy being able to follow your European adventure. Such amazing places!

  24. Liz says:

    love that chanel bag! vintage chanels are amazing!

  25. FashionFierce says:

    Lovely outfit! Good luck in italy!

    Love, Hannan

  26. Ellisya says:

    i love everything about this! you’re just simply stunning <3 and those boots are to die for!

  27. Anonymous says:

    So lovely <33 Love the photography! Really love scarf as well :)

  28. Rukhyy says:

    So lovely!! Amazing photography and love the scarf as well <33

  29. ewa says:

    lovely outfit, really beautiful pictures! like your style so much!

  30. Styleclouds says:

    Amazing photos! You look fantastic! xo, Christina

  31. Mancina says:

    lookin fab and the place really is stunning. <3

  32. Christy says:

    This medieval background is a match made in fashion heaven for your outfit the pictures turn out very editorial

    Christy of:

  33. Eva says:

    Great outfit, so cozy and cool at the same time. Beautiful scarf too! xx

  34. Eva says:

    Great outfit, so cozy and cool at the same time. Beautiful scarf too! xx

  35. Caroline says:

    perfect pictures :) great idea with this scenery :) and outfit, like usual, awesome :)
    kisses and with love from

  36. Sarah says:

    I love your Zara booties and the coated denim look!

    The Weekend Diary

  37. Jasmin says:

    beautiful pictures shea.
    i love your shoes and the chanel bag.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Love the photos and you look gorgeous !!


  39. Sara Morais says:

    Needless to say, you look lovely and so beautiful. But I want to focus on what is surrounding you because Tuscany is one of those places I reaaaally want to visit, it looks so beautiful, with amazing places to visit. It reminds me of some places in Portugal but even better!

  40. B. says:

    That sounds like an amazing experience! Views are absolutely gorgeous! Have a great time!


  41. Sarah says:

    Beautiful scenery! And you look great as well!

    The Purse Snatcher 

  42. stylemailbox says:

    beautiful photos!! you look lovely!

  43. Michelle says:

    #1. As always, I love your outfit! Especially the scarf & boots. :)
    #2. The scenery is gorgeous in these photos! You are living one of my dreams (to travel & see the world) right now! So jealous. I hope you enjoy every minute and keep sharing photos with us!

    Michelle, Fierce & Fashionable

  44. Lubna says:

    What an amazing outfit and location!


  45. Laura says:

    you look cute Shea !
    NEW POST UP on ly blog, check it out :

  46. kate says:

    great photos, u look amazingly good!

  47. Karolina says:

    Beautiful medieval San Gimiginano! It’s amzing in winter but liked it in spring even more!

    xx Karolina

  48. Laura says:

    I’ve been in San Gimignano too! It’s such a beautiful place.
    Love that your outfit is so comfy <3

  49. Louise says:

    The whole scenery looks absolutely enchanting. Great outfit and I hope you have the best time!


  50. Mia says:

    I love the charm in old-world towns. Your look is fantastic, I love the scarf and shoes. x

  51. Desiree Fox says:

    I love these photos.. I recognized San G :) That is such a cool town..

    Enjoy your trip!

  52. Meggan says:

    Love love those boots!!

  53. Your pictures really make me want to go to Italy again! It looks so beautiful! I also love your outfit – the mix of black and brown is great. I really don’t understand why people think you cannot combine them.

    Melanie Fontaine

  54. so in love with this whole outfit! love the brown and black color palette ;)

  55. b says:

    obsessed with your jeans and sweater!

  56. poocahontazz says:

    Beautiful place!:)
    But you look FAB!:)

  57. Ludivine says:

    Beautie vintage photos ;)


  58. Christina says:

    I am so jealous! I miss Italy so much, but it makes me happy that you are able to enjoy it too :). Absolutely adore those shoes! Check out my blog (its still a baby so I can use all the support I can get!)


  59. Jana says:

    Beautiful pictures and outfit :-)

  60. Andrea says:

    the photos are really amazing! i love your sweater and the bag :)

  61. Shirah says:

    Just discovered your blog through a friend. Love your aesthetic. Gorgeous shots. xx

  62. Samii says:

    What a beautiful place! I love the architecture and stone.
    Great boots!


  63. Virginie says:

    You’re rock! Love your outfit.

    Much Love, Virginie

  64. Anmari says:

    I love San Gimignano! Wanna go back and buy more souvenirs!
    lovely pictures!

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