Play the Qwiki: Health 101: Eat This Not That Part 2

(photo by Rowan Daly for Abbot + Main)

Somehow I missed sharing one of my favorite photos from my Abbot + Main photoshoot. And since everyone asked me where the pants are from… they are Dylan George, and so cool so check them out!!

Also since I get a lot of questions about my diet/health routine wanted to share with you some tips of mine in the video above!

Abbot + Main Shoot
July 16, 2012
50 Shades of Grey
July 19, 2012

missing pic


  1. Eva Tornado says:

    you are beautiful=) I like to watch through your pics, they are amazing!

  2. Madeline says:

    Love your pants, the print is fabulous!

  3. CheersCharlie says:

    Love the pants! Well, loving the whole outfit really. I’ve only just started my own style blog and I find its so hard to pose in front of a camera, but you do a great job! Definitely look to you and other bloggers for tips :)

  4. monkeyshines says:

    fantastic pants!


  5. Eva Wu says:

    really great pic!

  6. Natali says:

    Great tips on eating healthy!
    That’s what I’m doing already anyway, but it’s nice to see that
    there’re people out there caring more and more about what they
    eat :)

  7. Christine @ The Pantry Drawer says:

    love these tips! I actually made almond milk, and it was so easy and so delicious. Plus, you can dry and grind the almond leftovers to make macarons! not exactly health food, but an indulgence here and there is never a bad thing.

  8. Jacy says:

    Love this neon shade on you and those pants are SO fun! Love this!


  9. Shamelessly Overdressed says:

    Gorgeous pic, and great video tips! You should definitely make more videos… you look great on camera! :)

    Love, S

  10. La Petite Olga says:

    What a gorgous pic!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  11. Patricia says:

    I love your look! It’s amazing :)

  12. Saule says:

    Gorgeous! xx


  13. Raindrops of Sapphire says:

    Oh I love Dylan George! That makes sense since Kellan is the face of that brand too! Great photo Shea!

  14. irina says:

    This is bullocks. Do some reasearch, woman!

  15. thevstyle says:

    amazing style!


  17. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Yes they go hand in hand :) Thank you so much babe!!

  18. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you!! :)

  19. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Patricia, thank you so much. lots of love xox

  20. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Hi darling- thank you so much. I definitely will keep making videos. It’s my favorite thing to do :)

  21. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Wow!! I have to say I cheat and buy it already made it sounds so hard to do!!! Impressive :)

  22. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Ya agreed, I think people are becoming more and more conscious about eating healthy and what it does for your body. :)

  23. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much. I was so awkward at first!! But when you are doing it so often you get used to it and just want to get it done asap LOL.

  24. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much doll. Your sweet comments always mean a lot to me

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