so running errands always seems to take 10 times as long for me because I always want to take pictures everywhere I go. my friends dont get it! “what do you mean you want a picture in front of the new dresser you might buy?” “i need it for my blog okay!!” thats kind of how it goes haha. that’s one good thing about having other blogger friends… no one gets annoyed when we spend an hour taking pictures outside the sushi restaurant in santa monica after a bunch of sake shots… i wont name names. cough cough. i will have some fun pics to post from the get together last night with a bunch of other lovely girls you may recognize. the pictures below are from running errands / furniture shopping this weekend in LA. maxi dresses are the easiest way to look cute and trendy when you have only like 5 minutes to get ready. they are my go to thing for running errands and lazy days.
(maxi dress by h&m;, shoes jeffrey campbell, bracelet lucky flirts, vest vintage, bag tylie malibu)
p.s. ill post the winner of my giveaway tonight (my time) sometime on my facebook and twitter.. have to finish some things first and ahhh its so hard to pick. i wish i could give one to everyone
May 1, 2011
May 3, 2011



  1. Lainey says:

    Dylana told me how wonderful it was. I wish I didn't get so caught up in work, so that I could've joined you lovelies. I really love that vest btw. Can't wait to see pics from last night.

  2. i love that vest!


  3. Shasie says:

    Love the striped maxi

    Live Life in Style

  4. Loove the ensemble! The added military/dark green is a perfect compliment to this dress.. and girl, I hear ya about the picture thing. Hahahaha

  5. first of all the background makes it interesting again! the texture of the stones are giving like depth. it is so so so tricky to wear a dress like that, not only because of the length but also because of the horizontal stripes. love the combination with the green jacket, it reminds me a little bit of Woodstock. the studded bag is the real feature of the look, it makes everything so different because of the studs.

  6. Midge says:

    That dress is amazing. :)

  7. Great outfit! you rock that dress :)


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  8. Stacey says:

    That dress is awesome!!!


  9. TOPCOAT says:

    gorgeous!!! xx

  10. Yuliya says:

    Gorgeous pics :)
    Bisous !

  11. fashion tnt says:

    beautiful blog! great photos!!


  12. Kamila Z. says:

    fantastic boots ! very nice outfit ! i get it ! :)

    have a nice day !

  13. Carlinn says:

    Wow amazing look!!

  14. as usual… GORGEOUS!!! by the way… this blog is REALLY GOOD COMPARED TO A WHOLE BUNCH…. and you know me! i have an eye for beautiful things!

  15. Syrious says:

    wow that's super cute outfit!
    really love it!!!!
    love the shoes!
    super cute blog!!!

  16. Miss Bias says:

    Great outfit. Love the striped maxi.

    Miss Bias

  17. Gina Michele says:

    Great dress! I love the vest with it!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  18. I love it love it love it !!!!!!!!!!

  19. I love all of the accessories piled on, very chic.


  20. Lola says:

    Love this outfit. I love each piece and you put it together so well. Love the setting also.

  21. Lily says:

    Love the outfit!!


  22. Angela says:

    J'adooooore…La robe est tres belle!!!!

    Angela Donava

  23. Sarah says:

    haha I know exactly what you mean about photos! you always feel sily saying 'it's for my blog' to friends who don't blog, and then they give you a funny look :P loving your dress also!

  24. Leah says:

    Love the studded bag!

    xo L.

  25. Annushka says:

    You are very beautiful, I love your blog))

  26. Cara says:

    Gorgeous outfit, you look stunning, especially for getting ready in a hurry ;)
    xo Cara

  27. Ojla says:

    jelaous of this dress! i wish I could wear such!! looks grate on you!


  28. Felicia says:

    This looks so comfortable. Ill probably end up rocking allll dresses this summer so thanks for the ideas!

  29. Silvia says:


  30. BlueVanilla says:

    Stripes and some military action! Lovely!
    Hot Pink Day

  31. This is the perfect outfit! I love the jacket, the dress and the bag! xxx

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