My View of Paris

(jacket Helmut Lang, shirt Helmut Lang, pants Current Elliot, boots DVF, gloves H&M, bag Prada, sunnies Prada)

Enjoying the beautiful things about Parisian life… well just some of them… Macaroons, street artists and breathtaking views from Montmarte. So sad that I’m leaving tomorrow. But also missing the warm sunny weather in California- its been a long 4 weeks I’ve been away from home.
The one thing about living out of a suitcase is that bringing more than one pair of boots isn’t really an option- so I’ve been getting great use out of these in Paris. Not to mention this furry Helmut Lang jacket that took up half of my suitcase haha- probably wasn’t the smartest thing to pack but I love it. I still have quite a few more pictures to post over the next few days, but thank you all for sharing this journey with me. See you back in Cali!
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  1. Natali says:

    Very beautiful photos! Paris is so inspiring! Great outfit too :)

  2. Oksana says:

    Wonderful pictures!

  3. Great diary!
    Thanks to you, I know love Helmut Lang and am drooling over his pieces! <3

  4. Nanieke says:

    Beautiful collection of photos! I LOVE your blog, really. Your looks are so gorgeous. :)
    xo Nanieke

  5. rhodawong says:

    i love your outfit! very ‘paris’ (:

  6. Dara says:

    What a wonderful journey it has been!!! These photos are amazing as usual! Love your fur jacket.

  7. Love your outfit and these macarons are looking delicious!


  8. Eda Petuqi says:

    looks beautiful

  9. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful outfit!
    Love your bag!!!

  10. Camille says:

    My city is the best city ever !

  11. meggan says:

    Such a fab outfit! The leather gloves, oxblood pants and the fur jacket…so pretty! Safe travels back to Cali!

  12. Debora D says:

    Wow beautiful,I love love love Paris!


  13. papillon says:

    Beautiful photos of Paris! I’d love to eat the authentic macaroons!!! Have a safe trip back to Cali:)

  14. Pauline T says:

    Those are such beautiful pictures <3

  15. You look amazing! I so love this outfit


  16. Guest says:

    Montmartre is my fave place in Paris, so jealous!

  17. Mattie says:

    Great post! Love everything! Amazing outfit and I want one of those paintings:)

  18. Simona says:

    I just love your blog, your pictures and your outfits ! Big fan of you !

  19. amazing pictures Shea ! And your look is gorgeous !
    XX Luba Well Living Blog

  20. Coco Bolinho says:

    macarons suites your pants:)) great!

  21. estherj18 says:

    gorgeous photos! wish i was in paris instead of going to school haha love your outfit too!

    Esther xx

  22. marilia roquini says:

    paris is really a amazing city!!

  23. Pili's Style says:

    i am loving your shoes.. again and again…

  24. sabrina says:

    uauu very beautiful all the pictures

  25. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you Alina!!!

  26. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you, i know I am way over-wearing them!! :)

  27. peaceloveSHEA says:

    haha! you have to finish school first- then paris!! :)

  28. peaceloveSHEA says:

    THank you so much Luba! X

  29. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me xoxo

  30. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you darling! Lots of love xoxo

  31. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much for the sweet words and wishes xo

  32. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Wow thank you so much for the sweet words. It means a lot to me :) xoxo

  33. Elodie says:

    Love the burgundy pants. for all the fashionistas <3

  34. estelle_loyer says:

    You are carrying my dream bag right there xx

  35. thevstyle says:

    like pics!!!

  36. Shea Marie says:

    hehe yes yes agreed :) xo

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