Neverending Summer

(top Parker, shorts Topshop, sunnies Rayban, shoes Rebecca Minkoff, blazer Rag & Bone, bag Alexandra Satine)

Having one of the hottest weeks of the year in Los Angeles left me digging through summer boxes under my bed looking for things I never wore. My mind has officially moved onto winter, as well as my closet. The weather however has not.
For life it’s wonderful, for fashion I’m tired of summer clothes haha. I found these shorts that while I actually wore them a lot, they never made it onto my blog for some reason. Super comfy, sort of sporty vibe. Also my favorite white blazer, by Rag & Bone. Just hanging in Venice having lunch with some friends and enjoying the weather.

It’s Friday so I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!! XOXO


  1. Liz says:

    welcome back to Cali! Love those shoes!

  2. Meggan says:

    So so cute! Makes me miss my summer clothes!

  3. Rhoda Wong says:

    love how you kept this look clean with a white blazer! great colors too!

  4. Julia says:

    I just love Venice! Such a nice place to have fun! =)

  5. Pauline says:

    It’s quite nice to see so many colours on an outfit right now :D

  6. that is so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  7. Suzie Q says:

    Beautiful photos! I miss the fabulous Fall weather in Cali =) Love your colorful top, especially paired with the white blazer.

    Suzie Q
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  8. Camille says:

    You are sooo lucky ! In Paris the weather is terrible !

  9. Styleclouds says:

    Beautiful top! Love the colors! xo, Christina

  10. Mattie says:

    Love all the colors! We will all be missing summer soon enough, but I agree that with you about being ready for fall clothes.

  11. Andrea says:

    the second picture is perfection <3

  12. Oksana says:

    Love this outfit!

  13. Diana says:

    Love your pictures, your outfit looks great!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  14. B. says:

    I’m kinda jealous of sunny weather, I hate the cold.
    Love your colourful outfit :)
    new outfit post

  15. Erin says:

    I love that top! The aztec is such a great look. Wish it wasn’t cold here and we were still in Summer mode like you.


  16. Rose says:

    You’re making me jealous! I wish I could still wear short here in Toronto and I LOVE the last pic.



  17. dipitblack says:

    Lovely top! Love the colors!
    And your sheos are so pretty!


  18. Eva says:

    Oh wow, love the top! Unfortunately for me summer here is definitely over!! xx

  19. Sarah says:

    This is such a gorgeous outfit! I am in love with the colors.

    The Purse Snatcher 

  20. Jenny says:

    Really cute combo! love the top with those shorts!
    The Rebecca Minkoff shoes are really unique too\


  21. Sara Morais says:

    You look so cute with all those bright colors :) Fall has definitely arrived here and I’m loving it!

  22. Liz says:

    Shea I really like your look especially the blazer, a white blazer is a must have! Furthermore I love your pictures. The last pic is my favorite, beautiful! xx L.

  23. Ana says:

    Shea, beautiful look and place.

  24. the shorts look really cool! you can mix&match in million ways..

  25. Mira says:

    Beautiful outfit. Really jealous about the weather <3

  26. Love it! Will be there next month. CAN.NOT, WAIT.! Could def use some insider tips :) Xx

  27. Laura says:

    I so love these photos! You’re beautiful babe!


  28. Signe says:

    Lovely outfit! Jelaous about the weather in LA, here in Copenhagen it is cold and rainy, winter is definitely coming :(

  29. Signe says:

    Lovely outfit! Jelaous about the weather in LA, here in Copenhagen it is cold and rainy, winter is definitely coming :(

  30. Nice colourfull look! You are lucky to still have some summer!!

    -xoxo- lorena

  31. Jules says:

    Your top is so cute – looks great on you!!!

  32. Alyssa says:

    That top is so fun!! I love it!

  33. Love your blog, style and posts.
    I miss so much Los Angeles, the pictures are really nice, I just want to go back now!

    Good luck for the future

    Sophie de

  34. Joanne says:

    This wedges are something else, I love them.

  35. Madeleine says:

    I really love your outfit! So beautiful :) xo Madeleine

  36. Alison says:

    vibrant colours. i miss the summer already,


  37. Samara says:

    You are so beautiful! I am so inspired <3

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