i talked a few days ago about the dress my girlfriend designed that i wore to the oscar party. it hadn’t been worn by anyone yet so i was so excited! its that perfect mix between simple short and sexy black dress with a modern chic twist using lace cutouts and balmain inspired shoulder pads. i’m obsessed it made me feel so pretty and sexy and womanly. haha. a step away from my normal fringe boots and feathers in hair. but of course theres a time and place for everything. check out her line “again apparel” here. its amazing. (dress by again apparel, shoes louboutin) special thanks to the beautiful, talented, miss jessica farrow.

on a side note i wanted to say thank you to all my readers, the amount of views i have been getting has been growing immensely recently. i’m honored. so thank you all sooo much, for your sweet comments and emails. it’s very inspiring.
March 7, 2011
March 9, 2011



  1. Emily Anne says:

    the dress is really really amazing, i adore it.
    but WOW the louboutin's are kind of really amazing.

  2. monchinee says:

    THAT DRESS!! I WANT!! wow!!!


  3. Zuzia says:

    in love with your blog!

  4. S says:

    The dress is amazing but the shoes are really beautiful too!!!

  5. that back of the dress is so sexy and i love the cutouts with designs!!

    <3 steffy

  6. Leah says:

    That dress is hot! Love the lace detailing.

    xo L.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love it! So sexy. You look amazing in it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh and those shoes are too fabulous!

  9. Stunning photos! You look beautiful! The dress and shoes are amazing! xxx

  10. fashionpart says:

    WOW! You look beautiful!

  11. Fontaine says:

    Simply amazing!

  12. Taylor says:

    The dress is beautiful! And those shoes… oh my god, I need them.

  13. Gorgeous dress and AMAZING shoes. Love your looks!



  15. Melody says:

    Love the dress. You look very sexy.

    From a Chanel lover.

    Follow you…

  16. love the back of your dress, just amazing

    xx ♥ yamina.

  17. Fara says:

    beautiful dress, the shoulder pads are unusual which makes me like it mooore. x

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